10 Pieces of Specialist Sportswear to Wear Casually

Incorporating specialist sportswear items into the daily wardrobe is nothing new. It’s been happening for decades, just, once the specialist piece is accepted, we forget that it was ever a specialist piece.

Track jackets, for example, are now a regular, everyday styling item loved by high-end luxury and affordable sportswear brands alike; they were once used only by athletes to keep warm in between events.

Well, there’s a wealth of other specialist sportswear pieces out there that deserve the same kind of visibility in the everyday style arena, and the vast majority of them live on Nike’s website pages. You just have to search far enough. Luckily, we’ve got Market Editors to do the hard work for us.

Below, they’ve rounded up 10 pieces of specialist sportswear that you can experiment with in your daily outfits. From technical sunglasses through to more adventurous pieces like baseball pants or Dri-FIT tees, it’s up to you how far you take this but if you asked our Market Editors, the sky’s the limit.

Nike ACG is a gold mine for specialist pieces that work well with everyday styling. The Lowcate Sneakers are designed for hiking but slot perfectly into a gorp-centered outfit.

Similarly, the Moc 3.5 features technical detailing intended for camping. It turns out that it’s also the ideal thing to slide on when you’re running errands.

This pair of indoor football boots features a sleek, all-black finish which, our Market Editor pointed out, would look perfectly at home in a COMME des GARÇONS x Nike collaboration lineup.

Golf style has never been a major inspiration when it comes to everyday styling but recently we’ve been noticing some fire bits coming from Nike like the normcore-esque Infinity Pro 2.

Boonies are basically technical bucket hats. This lightweight iteration features storage around the brim and a tightening chin strap for a customizable fit.

The rise of sports sunglasses in recent seasons has been nothing short of astounding. This pair features everything we love about the trend.

Outdoor gear has been another category to hit the big time in general styling. These Woven Shorts show the versatility of technical hiking gear.

For those looking to make an impact, these immaculate baseball pants present some seriously bold styling possibilities.

Another smash hit from the Nike Golf department. Someone needs a raise.

We’ve seen brands like Our Legacy and Marine Serre making second-skin pieces like this their bread and butter. Who did it first though? The Swoosh, of course.

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