10 Pieces That Are Unmistakably Burberry

Burberry has a history and a half. That means that for someone like Riccardo Tisci, there’s more than enough archive material to pick from. It’s no surprise, then, that reinventing the archive — giving it new relevance with updated detailing or tailoring — is the bread and butter of Tisci at Burberry. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Unmistakably Burberry category.

Stacked with Burberry hallmarks ranging from the cut of the signature trench coat to the iconic House Check and Thomas Burberry Monogram, the Unmistakably Burberry collection is a distillation of everything that made the label so legendary.

What’s particularly attractive about the Unmistakably Burberry collection, though, is how these hallmarks have been translated into the present day. Slightly adjusted logos, warped checks, and re-engineered classics run throughout the category, ushering in a new age for one of Britain’s most iconic names.

Part of the latest Monogram Collection, this oversized T-Shirt features some of Burberry’s latest branding in the form of a bright orange box logo to the chest.

Few labels know how to own a color like Burberry. While the beige of the brand’s trench coats will always reign supreme, the new bold orange hue is becoming something of a staple.

The new Burberry monogram perfectly embodies the energy of the Unmistakably Burberry collection: it’s at once a reference to the past and a statement about what’s to come in the future.

Speaking of signature colors, this polo shirt has it all. Dressed in the beige hue of Burberry with a checked trim to the button placket, this is the definition of unmistakably Burberry.

A classic made modern. Lined with archival Vintage Check, this nod to the past is updated with thermoregulation technology to keep you at 37.5 degrees celsius.

If we had to pick one piece to define the whole label, it’d be this trench coat.

All it takes is a tiny monogram motif to align this classic white oxford shirt with the canon of Burberry designs.

Burberry tailoring has been a lynchpin in the brand’s history. More modern takes on archive tailored styles like these pants bring the brand’s history into focus for a younger generation.

While many brands look to big, in-your-face monogram detailing to make their mark, Burberry is confident enough to settle for tonal black finishes, upping the piece’s versatility without losing any recognizability.

Modern arrivals like the Arthur Sneaker are tied to the brand’s history with monogram motifs fitted. New and old co-exist.

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