10 Timeless Margiela Items to Cop With Low cost Right this moment

Maison Margiela caters to more demographics than most luxury brands could dream of. From regular mentions by trap artists to unrivaled respect from fashion’s intelligentsia for its avant-garde irreverence, the Parisian label stretches the gamut of style interests. That’s not to mention that it can handle a sportswear collaboration better than most, too. Just look at its ongoing, wildly popular Reebok partnership.

The label’s ability to cater to all sides of fashion lies in its originality. Maison Margiela transcends categorization thanks to its totally unique viewpoint. Whether we’re looking at the brand’s signature Tabi shoes or its minimal jewelry detailed with the unmistakable sizing numbers, every part of the Margiela offering is distinctively Margiela.

This originality means that no matter how ‘out-there’ a design might be, if it’s distinctively Margiela, then it’s timeless. That’s because it doesn’t obey trends; it will always be Margiela, no more, no less.

Below, we’ve rounded up 10 proofs of this proposition, all shoppable now at discount from The Outnet.

The heather-grey zip-through hoodie is a staple for all fall/winter wardrobes, and this Margiela version is made to a higher standard than your current one. It also proves that Margiela can do understatement just as well as it does the big gesture.

Part of Margiela’s recipe for timelessness is the inclusion of unique details. This is, at its essence, a basic crewneck T-shirt. The subtle addition of a hanging loop to the chest of all places is what puts it firmly in the Margiela category.

If there were a perfect example of what we were saying about Margiela’s ability to transcend traditional categories, this is it. It’s a perfectly made leather derby shoe, or half of one, at least. The traditional heel is replaced by a pearlescent, futuristic block that you’d expect to see in one of the label’s avant-garde sneakers.

There’s Margiela timeless, and then there’s just plain, old-fashioned timeless. This is the latter. No matter who designed this meticulous leather crossbody bag, it’d be timeless and there’s no way around that.

Maison Margiela jewelry is one of the brand’s most popular categories and not without reason. This burnished bracelet is made from sterling silver, but the burnished finish means it stands out from classic silver jewelry.

A classic logo tee. A logo tee with the logo turned upside down, actually. Not so classic. Very Margiela.

Margiela’s Replica is arguably the most popular item by the brand. Tracing its roots back to the minimal sports sneakers used by the German army, it’s a much-referenced design that Margiela was by no means the first to remake. But, with iterations like this fluffy shearling version, Margiela quickly made it its own.

Worn together, these two rings look like a chunky signet ring but, split across two fingers, they become something much sleeker that offers a sense of echoing and fragmentation to your look.

Another classic subverted by Margiela. If you were to see close-up shots of these pants, you’d say they were a perfectly classic pair of tailored trousers. Zoom out, and the bootcut silhouette becomes obvious, completely changing the overall effect.

There’s no better way to round out this exploration into Margiela’s originality than a pair of Tabi derby shoes. These expertly made leather shoes are given top-level irreverence by a split-toe finish that screams Margiela.

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