100°F Heat Won’t Stop Ryan Gosling From Layering (or Hitting Erewhon)

The stylistic whims of Ryan Gosling have inspired many a guy to change their wardrobe, à la Steve Carrell in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Most guys just wanna look presentable, after all, and The Gozfather does Classic Handsome better than most. However, I would recommend that no one other than Gosling attempt this full denim look he wore to Erewhom Market on July 16 for one simple reason.

The most obvious reason to not attempt Gosling’s looks is that we mere mortals are nowhere near as hunky. No duh. Who else could get away with playing Barbie’s himbofied BF?

But, on the day-to-day, Gosling tends to dress more casually. Well, I guess anything’s more low-key than a sleeveless denim vest worn exclusively over boxers branded with your own name, but you get the idea.

On July 16, Gosling was spotted at bougie supermarket Erewhon, one of LA’s hotspots for famous folks seeking top-dollar salads.

Seriously, Erewhon’s expensive juices and health food are like catnip to celebs. Everyone from Andrew Garfield to Willow Smith shops there and they bring a level of stylistic savoir faire so unique that Kanye dubbed the phenomenon “Erewhon drip.”

Gosling, like everyone else, hit Erewhon kitted-out in a fairly sharp Canadian tux comprising a denim jacket and slim denim jeans in different washes, the former with a popped collar thank you very much.

It’s the little touches that give weight to Gosling’s look, like the vintage Panavision cap (he’s in movies, you know) and beat-up Red Wing Classic Moc boots. Oh, and the fact that he wore all these insulating clothes in 100°F heat, of course.

It just ain’t fair. While us slobs are sweating in our shorts and sandals, the beautiful people are thriving through summer in heavy denim layers. Message to the big man upstairs: let me have one W, please. Or at least make summer end sooner.

Anyways, except for the fact that anyone else wearing all that clothing would probably pass out the second they stepped outside, it’s another imitable Gosling Fit. Don’t try this at home, at least until autumn arrives.

Source: Highsnobiety

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