3 Cycling Outfits for All Your Summer Rides

Whenever there’s a major sporting event underway, it makes sense that there’s an equally major jump in its popularity.

Right now, a peloton of lithe gents is working its way through France on bikes really, really quickly. With the weather warm and the final stage of the Tour de France set for July 24 in Paris, it makes sense that cycling fever is at an all-time high. But what is everyone wearing?

Cycling outfits are an art in themselves. Seamlessly combining seriously technical elements and style, the best cycling outfits are up there with the most impactful in sports. Often skin-tight and as streamlined as possible, there’s a fine line between them looking like engineered masterpieces and unflattering flops.

Here’s some help in that regard. Browns has one of the best-curated cycling outfits categories on the net. With one eye on form and one on function, our Market Editors have put together three cycling outfits using the selection on Browns. Using brands like Rapha, MAAP, Oakley, and Pas Normal Studios, these outfits represent the gold standard in cycling style right now.

Road cycling is as quick as it gets and if you’re a regular, then you’re likely trying to beat your PBs when you hit the tarmac. That means that road cycling outfits need to be streamlined and high-performance.

Eye protection is essential. Not only will your eyes become waterfalls without protection, you might even have some nasty collisions with insects or gravel. 100% Eyewear’s Hypercraft HiPer Sunglasses are ideal for summer rides as they offer UV protection too.

Clothing-wise, MAAP’s collaboration with P.A.M. steals the show with its bold graphics. Coupling that with a cycling bib from Rapha. Attaching you to your bike is a pair of beautifully crafted Shot 2 Cycling Shoes by Sidi which offers cushioning and a secure fit.

Different forms of cycling require wholly different features from your cycling outfits. For example, your road cycling outfit needs to offer as little air resistance as possible while that’s a real afterthought when it comes to off-roading. Off-roading is more about durability and protection.

Of course, Oakley sunglasses are our starting point. The Flight Jacket Sunglasses feature blue-tinted lenses to protect from UV while keeping your vision sharp.

As for the apparel, it’s likely to get pretty messy and you need as much freedom of movement as possible, so a sleeveless top by Pas Normal Studios cut from semi-sheer fabric offers breathability and an easy wash at the end.

Rapha takes care of the Trail Shorts and footwear. The Explore Powerweave Cycling Shoes are some of the best-looking cycling shoes around right now. Fitted with reflective detailing and built-in adjustable arch supports, they can deal with seriously fast-paced rides.

While off-road cycling and road cycling call for technical, purpose-driven outfits, your city cycling outfits can be a touch more casual. You might be on your way to an event or simply running errands, but you’re not looking to lock into your pedals because you’ll be moving around a lot.

When running errands, storage is key. That’s why the central accessory for this outfit is a Pas Normal Studios x Porter-Yoshida & Co. Saddle Bag. Strapping to your saddle pillar, it’s a nifty contraption with much more room than you might imagine.

The Rapha Pro Team Gilet is a super-lightweight option for the torso, keeping you cool as well as guarding against unexpected showers. As for the shorts, a pair of simple running shorts by SOAR keeps things versatile and functional. On the feet, ASICS Gel-Kayano is our trusty shoe of choice for all activities in the concrete jungle.

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