5 Back-to-School Sports Fits to Get Your Routine Restarted

Summer is the season to relax. All the hard work you put in over winter was for these weeks of sunshine and reveling. But, after a full summer of eating what you want and allowing discipline to slip, the back-to-school period can come as a bit of a surprise.

When we say back to school, we don’t only mean those literally going back to school. Everyone has a back-to-school period when it’s time to knuckle down again and perhaps pick up some of the routines you forgot about. This is always easiest when you’ve got the right kit.

With the help of Nike, we’ve put together some outfits to make getting back to the regular sporting program a breeze. From golf to trail running, scroll down to shop our back-to-school sports outfits.

Golf is a nice way to settle back into the routine. Debrief with your pals while you get your eye in (and look great).

Hiking is a bit more uptempo than golf, but an equally enjoyable way to return to action. This outfit also falls perfectly into modern style thanks to the gorp trend raging right now. Nike ACG takes the lead here.

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the best sports for flexing your style. We’re inspired after Steph’s shooting masterclass in the finals this year, so we’ll be hitting the court sharpish to work on our jumper.

Much like hiking, this trail-running outfit is more than fit for purpose when it comes to the everyday style arena. Technical hits in the form of the packable vest add a nice accessorized angle to the sleek ensemble.

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