5 Easy Ways to Inject Your Spring Wardrobe With a Dose of Color

Spring is here and, along with a return to relatively normal life, there’s a celebratory mood in the air. What that means as far as what you wear is: it’s time to start shedding layers and putting some pep in your sartorial step. This season especially, menswear designers have doubled down on the mood-enhancing benefits of color in all its many hues, from the muted, barely-there pastels seen at Zegna and Brioni to the vivid brights shown at Etro and Dunhill. In doses large or small, a hit of color is the surest way to reinvigorate your wardrobe.

For many guys, color can seem like a bold choice. While that can be true—and kudos if you can rock electric blue—color doesn’t always need to be loud. Simply opting for one more vivid shade—say a pale pink shirt or a kelly green jacket—can easily, subtly amp up an outfit. When it comes to combining, balance stronger shades with neutrals or keep everything in one color family. See below for a few examples of how to brighten up your attire now, and remember: have fun with it.

Source: Robb Report

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