8 Qatari Jewelry Designers To Maintain On Your Radar

Qatari jewellery designers
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Qatar is abundant in art and luxury. With fashion icons like Sheikha Moza, it is no surprise that Qatari jewellery designers shine bright in the country.

From Clair De Lune to Trifoglio, there are many Jewellery designers to keep on your radar. With events such as the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, there is a celebration of luxury in the country. GRAZIA brings you 8 jewellery designers to keep an eye out for.

Clair De Lune

Qatari Jewellery designers
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Founded in 2017 by Asma Al-Saadi, Clair De Lune produces works of art, from a customer’s sketch of their idea to the final product. A handcrafted work with quality and attention at the core of design might take anything from 30 days to three months to complete.


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This brand features statement items that focus on nature as well as a contemporary interpretation of renowned name jewellery, complete with tiny diamonds hanging from the letters. Another unique quality of DE TROVE’s collections is their focus on collections for children.

H Jewellery

H Jewellery creates exquisite jewellery that expresses pride in Qatar’s history, present and future by drawing inspiration from the country’s culture and traditions. Designer and businessman Hamad Al Mohammad frequently collaborates with other artists to produce one-of-a-kind pieces and he has shown his collection of jewellery at international jewellery shows.

Hessa Jewels

Qatari jewellery designers
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In addition to admiring the stunning craftsmanship on exhibit, clients of Hessa Jewels will gain knowledge about significant elements of Qatari culture. The brand’s designer and creative director, Sameera Al Mulla, adds minute details to her designs to create exquisite and authentic pieces, from the Batoola line to the symbolic mashmoom plant.

Midad Jewellery

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Midad Jewellery was founded by Abdulla Yousef Al Fakhroo and focuses on Islamic design and calligraphy. The artist and business owner was motivated to create the brand to wear and incorporate the historic art form into daily life. The brand weaves in Sadu designs employing priceless components like the mother of pearl in addition to calligraphy.

Nouf Jewellery

Qatari jewellery designers
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Qatari jewellery designers embrace their culture. Nouf Al-Meer presents a wide range of creative works created with various materials and valuable stones. Ranging from conceptual drawings to feminine pieces. Nouf Jewellery draws inspiration from social, cultural and environmental factors. Occasions like the National Day of Qatar inspire creative works, with collections that embody the flag of Qatar being incorporated into the brand.

Swayra Jewellery

Qatari jewellery designers
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Swayra Jewellery, which debuted in 2020 and is new to DJWE, has a number of collections. One of her most popular collections is “Angels with Angles” which features heart-shaped jewellery with sharp angles that stand for kindness combined with assurance and confidence.


Qatari jewellery designers
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Fajr Attia founded Trifoglio, a company that specializes in high-end jewellery and leather purses. The distinctive design of a four-leaf clover embellished with pearls and roses, an alluring yet delicate motif. It distinguishes the brand’s jewellery.

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