9 Accessories Actually Worth the Investment

Just as manners maketh the man, accessories maketh the fit. The overall effect of your accessories — if picked right — is so much greater than the sum of its parts. What we’re saying is that no matter how small the accessories may be in relation to your big coat or new pants, they end up being the defining factors of your look.

That can be a positive thing or a negative thing. Nobody likes putting together a masterpiece outfit only to have it felled by a bad pair of sunglasses or an ugly watch.

That’s why we’re big advocates for investment accessories. Investing in your accessories means that you make the right decision once and it pays off for the rest of your life. Ignore passing trends, they’ll trick you into ruining outfits and you’ll only realize it in years to come. Stick to the classics.

Below, we’ve rounded up 9 investment accessories from the pages of MATCHESFASHION. Ranging from custom Rolexes to understated rings and even leather pieces, each of our selections transcends trends to be a lifelong partner instead. Buy better, buy once.

L.A. jeweler Jacquie Aiche has been crushing it with her custom watches lately. Ranging from vintage Cartier timepieces through to a selection of perfectly updated Rolexes like this Datejust.

Le Gramme is making some of the best investment accessories on the market right now. It’s thanks in no small part to the brand’s super-minimal take on jewelry. This understated band features a checkerboard pattern detailed with diamonds.

Masterfully crafted in Japan, these Matsuda sunglasses rely on gold-tone titanium frames for maximum strength — still, try not to sit on them.

Yep, the positives of investment accessories extend all the way to belts. Saint Laurent looks to an antiqued buckle to give this belt a timeless feel.

While this Luis Morais necklace doesn’t fit into the understated bracket of investment accessories, it makes up for it with its sheer beauty. There will always be a market for refined jewelry like this necklace which puts 14kt gold against deep green malachite.

Tom Ford’s high-end aesthetic translates naturally into a set of investment accessories every season. Now that we’re eyeing up an unhealthy amount of holidays again, this croc-effect passport cover really comes into its own.

Made from 18kt gold, this Shay signet ring is a masterclass in how to accessorize. The clean outer appearance is balanced by an unusual honeycomb structure to the interior. We love a secret flash of personality.

If there’s a brand out there tempting us to invest in clothing every other day, it’s The Row. Minimal offerings are made to the highest standards as proof that value lies in the small things done well, not big gestures.

Another name to keep tabs on when it comes to luxury watch customs is Lizzie Mandler. Opting for a quieter aesthetic, Mandler’s custom designs put precious-stone detailing against block-color dials for maximum effect.

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