9 Pairs of Sandals for People Who Hate Sandals

For many, the thought of summer comes with an overarching sense of dread at the thought of having to wear footwear that’s not sneakers. That’s right, even the most ardent sneaker disciple will get to a point soon when it’s so hot and sweaty that they’ll start really evaluating why their toes are tucked away. Some will die on that damp hill, others will concede and reach for a pair of luxury sandals. Yes, luxury sandals, because if you’re reluctant to wear sandals then you can ease the fall by upping the style levels.

Men’s sandals have historically been pretty awful. Their bad reputation, cultivated by style-allergic tourist dads, is a hard one to shake off but one that utilitarian brands like Keen and Merrell are succeeding in burying right now. For those that still can’t picture themselves in a pair of utility sandals, we’ve rounded up the best pairs of luxury sandals to wear in summer.

From Rick Owens to Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta, the selection covers the biggest names in luxury right now that you can shop at 24S, the LVMH-owned online shopping destination. If you scroll through this roundup and still can’t imagine freeing the toe this summer then maybe sandals really aren’t for you.

Plus, until March 23 you’ll find a bunch of sandals in the 24S Spring Sale so don’t sleep.

Slides are really the mid-ground between sneakers and sandals. They’re not a big commitment in terms of style so they’re a friendly entry point if you’re still unsure. These Balenciaga slides are understated, too, which helps.

Matthew Williams continues to innovate in the footwear realm with ALYX and Givenchy. These slides feature a chunky sole unit which actually looks more suited to a sneaker than a pair of sandals.

Leather runs across the vamp of these Rick Owens slides to remind you that sandals can be made as high-quality as a pair of shoes can.

We love the way that Dries combines disparate elements on this pair. The criss-cross vamp feels quite technical with its velcro fastening, but the leather build feels contrastingly classic.

Easily the sandals of the year in 2021, the Bottega Veneta Puddle Sandals will be returning for another shot at the title this year.

Okay, probably not such a good choice in the blazing heat of summer but this sheepskin pair from Marni is a nice way to ease into your new love for luxury sandals during spring.

Another of the most popular styles last year, JW Anderson’s leather mules are a savior for anyone who’s averse to revealing the toes.

Bottega Veneta shows its range with this pair of leather sandals that stand in stark contrast to the contemporary rubber build of the Puddle Sandals.

Burberry is a master of branding. You don’t need any other signal than the Archive Beige straps to know that this pair is British luxury. The Patterson sandals are definitely the most utilitarian pair in today’s roundup but you won’t catch any tourist dads sporting these, don’t worry.

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