A-COLD-WALL* and RETROSUPERFUTURE Ignite That Summer Feeling

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A-COLD-WALL* and RETROSUPERFUTURE are back in the mix with a new sunglass collection for Spring/Summer 2022, and suddenly, it’s starting to feel like winter is behind us.

Thanks to his wide-spanning collaborative efforts, Samuel Ross has made it possible to create a full, head-to-toe A-COLD-WALL* uniform. From the bottom up, footwear options are covered by Converse and Dr. Martens, while the core brand and Mackintosh have got all of the essentials and outerwear on lock.

The finishing touch to these looks is, of course, a pair of killer frames. Luckily, the blossoming relationship between Ross’ ACW and RETROSUPERFUTURE has been fruitful in its provision of slick styles.

A collaboration that has found success in its marriage of industrial heritage (a staple of Samuel’s design language) and futuristic edge, it’s offered up elevated takes on RSF’s popular styles.


So far, the partnership has seen the Caro frame take center stage, having been remixed with new textures and colorway, making it unsurprising that the classic style is making a return for Spring/Summer 2022.

Marble-like textures which were seen in previous releases are present once more. This time around, they’re remixed in four alternate applications, including monochromatic renders and two more colorful options that are finished with orange and yellow lenses.

This time around, the Caro isn’t alone, being joined by two pairs of the America frames, which are fully tonal (lenses included) – one orange and one black pair.

All seven pairs of sunglasses from the new A-COLD-WALL* x RETROSUPERFUTURE Spring/Summer 2022 collection will be available online from March 15.

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