A Slice Of Spain Lands At GATEZERO With Loewe Paula’s Ibiza

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As we re-enter normality, and a tan-filled beach holiday feels closer than ever, it’s time to get those layers off and get Loewe on — and our GATEZERO concept store can help you do just that.

Last week we saw Loewe Paula’s Ibiza unveil their latest 2022 collection which hit all the right summer notes, from beach bags and bold colors to vibrant prints and seaside accessories.

Inspired by the Spanish paradise that is home to the original Paula’s boutique, JW Anderson took elements of the Ibizan atmosphere and translated them into garments and bags that are a true embodiment of the island’s identity — cue the sparkly vests, sequined tops, pastel headscarf, and denim bucket hat.

Highsnobiety / Osma Harvilahti

Highsnobiety / Osma Harvilahti

The campaign, which was shot in and around Casa Broners, an Ibizan architectural landmark, spotlights not only the collection but the beauty of the island in all its warm-weather glory. Caught in the wind and glowing in the evening sun, the sartorial elements of this collection transport you to another world, and will truly have you ready for that summer adventure. In true Loewe style, the silhouettes are boxy and flowy, with the intention of every piece being interchangeable between men and women. Not only does this leave room for creativity and interpretation, but also highlights the brand’s stance on fluidity and freedom, something this collection was focused on conveying.


Loewe wouldn’t be Loewe without its iconic selection of bags and the iterations in this collection take us from the beach to the city in one smooth, textured motion. Woven straw, denim, dégradé leather, and raffia make up most of the bag offering, whilst ombrè gradients nod to the beautiful Spanish sunset and ruffles speak to the playful, party side of Ibizan living. Shot by photographer Osma Harvilahti, the bags can be seen on models as well as in still life settings, becoming works of art in their own right. Taken out of their original context and superimposed as free-standing objects, the bags truly carry their own characteristics, resonating with the intimate, handmade element of their creation.

Highsnobiety / Osma Harvilahti

Highsnobiety / Osma Harvilahti

The Loewe Paula’s Ibiza bags also hint at the theme of movement, exploration, and travel, something that this partnership with our Highsnobiety GATEZERO store is heavily focused on. As an established brand with hype and credibility, Loewe perfectly positions itself to connect with our new luxury consumer who wants more out of their airport and retail experience.

In the past we’ve seen the modular GATEZERO store transform into different multi-medium spaces, with 3D installations and layered, tailored structures taking over the shop floor to transport the customer into a whole other realm — and the Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2022 collection is no different.

Instead of entering Zürich airport, this time it’ll feel like you’ve stepped foot into a slice of Ibizan paradise. From the cacti and the chalk-white arched structures to the picturesque coastal visual backgrounds and warmly lit space, GATEZERO and Loewe Paula’s Ibiza are merging the fields of culture, travel, retail, design, and fashion to offer a completely unique shopping experience.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza 2022 collection is available here, as well as at the Highsnobiety Shop, and at GATEZERO Zürich.

Source: Highsnobiety

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