Acne Studios Offs Its Pants for the Musubi Bag Campaign

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Acne Studios sure knows how to snipe our attention with its seasonal apparel and accessory deliveries – but their ads and campaigns? It delivers that sort that you struggle to divert your attention from. An example? Well, you need only feast your eyes on the new Musubi Bag Campaign by Talia Chetrit.

I think it’s totally fair to call myself an Acne fan. Secretly, or not so, I feel that there’s a part of all of us that can’t help but adore the Swedish purveyor of luxury streetwear. Year on year, it’s continued to push its own boundaries and step up the levels – from consistently good staples shapes to blowout pieces cherished by the likes of Rihanna.

Of course, its commitment to leveling its apparel and accessory game takes a huge slice of that pie. It deserves all the bragging rights, as without it, there would be no brand. Beyond the fabrications, oversized t-shirts, playful collaborations, varied pant styles, and delicious outerwear lines, its art direction demands attention.

Case in point, this here Musubi Bag Campaign. Interpreted by American artist Talia Chetrit, the visual series captured exclusively on male dancers’ bodies turns the gaze on the male nude and the strong, muscular bodies of two characters, chosen for their resemblance to the bag’s figurative qualities.

The provocative images have a rich textural quality thanks to the contrasts of leather and skin on 35mm film, all the while highlighting the unmistakable characteristics of the bag, such as its twisted knot motif, which takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese obi sash.

Once you’re done staring, you can peep Acne Studios’ leather baggage options alongside the full current seasonal offering online.

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