Acne Studios Plays Gallery to Rabin Huissen’s Art

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As part of its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Acne Studios plays gallery to Rabin Huissen’s artwork concise six-piece apparel collaboration.

Creative projects between brands and artists are a welcomed departure from brand-to-brand collaborations, partly because they provide the opportunity to see your favorite or familiar artworks displayed in another medium, but more so thanks to the intimacy of them. Typically, scale is reduced and refined, quantities are limited, and more freedoms are afforded.

This intimate approach to design, an almost spiritual perspective on creation, is the heart of Rabin Huissen’s work. Self-referred to as a conceptual artist, to which his work speaks very clearly, Rabin explores the human form through contact and scale, viewing creation as a performance to form explorations of energy and time.

The resulting works are rich in color, showcasing a spectrum of light and dark through intersections of anatomy

For Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2022 collection, his work features as prints across a selection of wardrobe staples – including a short and long-sleeve t-shirt, tunic, oversized zip-up hoodie, and trousers.

With Acne’s pieces acting as blank canvases, rich color is varying strengths displays human anatomy, from the full-body to prints of hands and feet.

The collection’s standouts are undoubtedly the full-length tunics that look fit for readying up for a barefoot ritual, while a personal favorite has to be the red-on-black shirt.

Rabin Huissen x Acne Studios is available online and in Acne’s worldwide stores.

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