adidas Knows That It Pays to Have the Right Hiking Gear

The good weather is enough to push many prospective hikers to hit the trails they’ve been wanting to conquer all winter. It’s definitely true for us. But, while it’s exciting to organize an impromptu hike with friends, thinking that the good weather means you don’t need the right kit is a big mistake.

Making sure that you have the right hiking shoes, accessories, and apparel is a priority. It sounds boring, but it pays off big time when you’re out in the wilderness. We’ve done a lot of searching and reviewing of hiking clothing, and not much of it comes close to adidas hiking gear.

adidas hiking gear crosses all categories, from Terrex hiking boots to trail-running vests and hard-wearing sandals. Plus, with a price point around half that of many of its competitors, it’s basically the perfect place to start building your year-round hiking kit.

We hit the adidas hiking gear pages to put together some of our most essential items to secure before the onslaught of summer hiking invitations begins.

Trekking with a backpack on is definitely one step up from no bag at all, but the real trail disciples will know that using a vest is a gamechanger. I mean, why wouldn’t you wear your bag?

Often overlooked, but undoubtedly the single most important aspect of an enjoyable hike is a water bottle that holds at least a liter of water. Running out of water is a death sentence for any hike.

Hiking in bad weather is actually quite forgiving when it comes to what you wear. Finding the right pieces for a warm-weather hike is much harder. This lightweight, breathable tee is a good place to start.

And to go with the tee are these shorts cut from an ultra-lightweight cotton blend. Details like a silicon print around the waist to prevent slippage demarcate these as a trail essential.

Another major hot-weather dilemma is footwear. Your big boots will have you sweating faster than you can rehydrate but most sandals will disintegrate underfoot. Not the wildly durable Terrex Cyprex Ultra DLX Sandals, though.

Sunburn is a bad look and so is missing the amazing views because you’re squinting. A simple cap can solve all your problems.

Cut from pure cotton, the Packalot tee is all about comfort. The soft cotton build combines with a relaxed fit for maximum freedom of movement.

Some really don’t like wearing shorts and we get that. This can be an issue when hiking in summer, though. Or, it was until adidas dropped the Terrex Multi Primegreen pants. You will feel like you’re wearing shorts the whole way around.

Any experienced hiker will tell you that even though it might be hot and sunny when you leave the house, conditions can change very quickly in the wild. This fully waterproof jacket is lightweight enough to carry during the good times but hardy enough to protect you during the worst times.

Made in collaboration with Parley, the Terrex Free Hiker XPL Boots present a lightweight option for those who swear by boots. The Boost midsole makes for a smooth ride while a waterproof upper and Continental outsole deal in high-end durability.

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