Aigle by Études’ First Collection Is a Refreshing Take on Iconic Heritage

Founded in 1853, the French label Aigle is at this point woven into the fabric of European culture. But the brand that made a name for itself making watertight rubber boots using a patented vulcanization process has hit a turning point for Spring/Summer 2022.

Joining forces with a younger but no less vital player in French contemporary culture, Études, Aigle is set for a reinvention of sorts. But while it’s a reinvention by name, at its core, this new chapter simply builds on the immovable foundation set by Aigle. The first collection of Aigle by Études sees Études co-founders Aurélien, Jérémie, and José use their savoir-faire to adapt Aigle’s iconic pieces for new lifestyles.

“Looking back, we realized that Aigle had a long connection with the city, which was unexpected for us. Aigle’s history is quite surprising, compared with the outdoor image of the brand,” note Études’ artistic directors. And this is what really underpins the SS22 collection: Aigle by Études finds the perfect balance between preconceived ideas and surprising novelty — between the wilderness and the city.

After extensive research around Aigle’s history and legacy, Études approached the SS22 collection with a view of simply building on the existing base. By adding subtle, up-to-date detailing, Aigle by Études ends up feeling completely contemporary yet founded in a culture that runs much deeper than any trend. This feeling is distilled in a handful of the more traditional pieces.

Of course, Aigle’s Made in France rubber boots make an appearance and exist as a standout highlight in the collection. A striking new black coating breathes new, quasi-industrial life into the Atelier boots. Elsewhere, another timeless aspect of Aigle’s offering, the trench coat, is reworked to include a belted waist that alters the silhouette for more impact. Combined with an innovative new MTD membrane for optimal waterproofing, the trench coat epitomizes Aigle by Études’ city-to-nature acumen.

Adding final emphasis to this concept is the Spring/Summer 2022 lookbook. Aigle linked up with six artists and artisans who inspire the label to discover the world differently to bring the collection to life. Floriculturist Masami Charlotte Lavault, chef David Zilber, ceramicist Madoka Rindal, musician Thylacine, dancer Jade Fehlmann, and designer Seungmin Jung style the collection from France to South Korea, proving its comfort in any environment.

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Source: Highsnobiety

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