Ain’t No Birthday Like a Stone Island Birthday

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Birthdays are always a big occasion, whether you like to celebrate them or not. Some are, of course, bigger than others – 40 years? That’s one worth sticking in your diary. For Stone Island, this year marks four decades in the apparel game, four decades of showcasing the brightest and best of technical outerwear, and for that, it’s going large.

We’ve already marveled at everything that Stone Island, Carlo Rivetti, and the designers (or better yet, scientists) behind him have achieved over the years, so if you haven’t already checked that out, it’s worth your time. The team’s achieved some pretty nifty things with reflective materials, too.

With the year somehow already tumbling towards its end, things are turning up a notch behind the doors of the Italian powerhouse, with an even greater focus on these anniversary celebrations.

Fall/Winter 2022 is, of course, in full swing at this point, with new Ghost deliveries touching down, as well as revived classic camos, but there’s always time for more. Right?

Next in line is the 82/22 40th anniversary outerwear selection, which, once again, revisits an iconic era of the brand to offer something familiar yet fresh.

Edna Mode might have said “no capes,” but SI disagrees. First in line is a reinterpretation of the ‘982 Tela Stella cape. This piece comprises two capes as one – an outer, lightweight non-woven fabric protected by a translucent polyurethane cover with a ripstop motif and an inner woolen cloth.–6/

The two additional pieces of outerwear (all of which you can find online at Stone Island) are a lightweight micro felt with ripstop, fireman-like jacket, and a Primaloft Anorak. Each comes in statement palettes emblazoned with the 82/22 graphic motif – essentially, these are modern pieces of history.

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