Alexa Demie’s 4 “B”s: Balenciaga, Bandana, Boots & Large Fur Jacket

Though you could argue for days about the most stylish Euphoria cast member, you’d be making a pretty safe bet with Alexa Demie. Maddy Perez is scientifically proven to be the HBO show’s most stylish character and Demie has mastered off-duty cool to a degree that hardly anyone else can compare.

Don’t get me wrong: no one shuts down red carpets like Zendaya and we all know that Sydney Sweeney loves Miu Miu as much as it loves her but, even on her days off, Alexa Demie is always at the top of her game.

Demie proved the point in Paris on September 30. She’s been in the French capital for a little while now, presumably prepping for the Balenciaga presentation on October 2 — Demie has the Demna co-sign, remember (more like Demnie!!! Demna-ie! Am I right! sorry).

Being one of the more famous Balenciaga stans, Demie is presumably well-stocked on the French house’s current season stuff.

If nothing else, she’s hardly ever seen without at least one Balenciaga item.

On September 30, Demie had on two: a Balenciaga Hourglass bag, its gold chain the sole contrasting element of Demie’s outfit, and thin-rimmed Balenciaga glasses.

In fact, if anyone’s considering writing the ABCs of Alexa Demie’s style, this look gives you plenty of ammo for the letter “B”: you’ve got Black Balenciaga Bag, Bandana, Boots, and even a Big ol’ fur jacket for good measure.

Interestingly, this is sort of a retread of an outfit that Demie wore this past summer, slightly adjusted for autumn weather.

Back in July, Demie met some fans wearing the same bandana, similar gold jewelry, and a tanktop with a pretty similar neckline to the dress she wore in September.

She even had on a quilted version of the same Hourglass bag. Hey, if it ain’t broken…

I daresay that this makes Demie’s style even more interesting than it is at first blush. I mean, how many other celebs with access to this tier of clothing are wearing new iterations of basically the same look?

It’s a good argument for uniform dressing: find the building blocks of what you like and hone them to an exact science. It makes getting dressed feel especially effortless and, when you’ve perfected the ABCs, you can devise similar looks that don’t feel boring.

Hey, it works for Alexa Demie.

Source: Highsnobiety