Alma de Ace & Coca-Cola Crack Open a Cold One

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A cold can of Coke on a cold day, or a large one (with ice) when you’re in the depths of a hangover? That’s a feeling worthy of celebration – a feeling worthy of encapsulating with an exclusive collaborative collection of apparel and accessories, the likes of which Alma de Ace has stitched together.

How many beverages can claim a holiday, or monopolize the sinking feeling that follows sinking eight too many shots? Not many. In the UK, anyway, Baileys and Coca-Cola have got Christmas in a chokehold, so much so that we don’t feel the holiday has even started until Coke adverts start spamming our screens.

That is nothing short of iconic and speaks volumes to just how much of a global institution and cultural icon the drinks company is.

Naturally, its status has seen it decorate all sorts of merchandise and garments over the years, with fashion industry team-ups becoming somewhat of a frequency, which has included the likes of KITH and BAPE.

Now, it’s London’s turn to get involved as Alma de Ace, a London-based brand, brings together a 23-piece capsule collection of clothing and accessories that triples down on 90s aesthetics and classic Coca-Cola branding.

The limited-edition collection spans an array of festival season essentials, offering up everything from a two-piece vintage track set with a long-sleeve jacket and shorts, graphic print t-shirts, embroidered sweatshirts, and a highly anticipated varsity jacket.

There are plenty of pieces worthy of desire within the full collection, whether you’re a fan of the bev’ or not (we all know Coke Zero is the best, hands down), so head on over to Alma de Ace to shop the delivery now.

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