Athens Kallithea FC Will get Refreshed by Kappa

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2022 has been a great year for football. While disruptions to major tournaments have meant that games have been played back-to-back throughout the season so far, that does mean that fans have always got a game on the go – what more could they want?

The Premier League, Champions League, Europa, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and the impending World Cup aside, kits this year have been firing on all cylinders across all tournaments.

Three Stripes (that’s adidas) has seen huge success with its kit partnerships this year, delivering a beautiful triple threat for Arsenal in the British Premier League, as well as some top-class World Cup kits that have edged it ahead of Nike in the sport. For more on those, you can check out our ranking.

Outside of that and Nike’s own World Cup line-up, Kappa has made some serious noise across Europe. Now, Kappa is no stranger to kit creation, with plenty of bangers within its vintage archive, but its efforts in 2022 are nothing short of incredible.

First, it delivered three back-to-back bangers on behalf of Venezia FC. Although the competition this year is immense, it’s hard not to call the away kit the best football kit of the year.

Athens Kallithea FC may just agree, as the Greek club has also enlisted the help of Kappa, German design studio Bureau Borsche and Venezia FC’s Chief Brand Officer Ted Philipakos.

Similar to Venezia’s statement offerings, gold accents adorn both the home and away kits, both of which are a marriage of navy and white.

If Kappa keeps it up, we’re going to have a serious contender on our hands for the best kits of the 2023/24 season. Watch out, adidas.

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