Axel Arigato’s Monogram Collection is Total Alphabetti Spaghetti

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Axel Arigato is back in the mix, armed with a handful of colorful letters as it spells out its “Monogram” capsule collection to reign in the highs of summer.

If you need to say something with complete clarity, how better than to spell it out and say it with your chest? That’s the Axel Arigato way, at least as it ushers in its latest capsule collection, which is equal parts bold and bright – everything that an SS23 collection should be.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2014, it’d be fair to say that Axel Arigato hasn’t been fearful of doing things its own way and carving out its own lane, which has typically been achieved by making a stylistic statement.

Playfully erected and fine-tuned with Swedish design sensibilities, in its eight active years the brand’s made epic strides in leveling the sneaker industry with head-turning yet affordable styles dosed up with color and attitude.

SS23’s most recent capsule collection, which is aptly named “Monogram,” is a testament to these foundations as it brings yet another level of statement-making youthful energy.

As the name would suggest, the collection has crafted a monogram of its own by cherry-picking a selection of multi-colored typefaces that spell out the brand’s name across a series of apparel, accessories, and of course, sneakers. It’s not too dissimilar to those ransom letters you’d see in old detective movies, except without the sinister motives.

The playful bundle of lettering can be found on a long sleeve polo shirt and matching shorts, rear graphic short sleeve tees, a selection of leather baggage options, the Dice Lo sneaker, and a basketball and water bottle.

All of the above options are available to shop online now via Axel Arigato.

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