Ben Affleck Boards the Air Jordan 1 Mid Prepare

Is this some kind of preparation for the Nike movie or is Ben Affleck really becoming an accidental sneakerhead before our eyes?

Affleck got another dad ‘fit off as he dropped his kids off at school on October 7. Dressed in a monochromatic ensemble, Affleck wore and probably felt the blues from the alleged parking ticket he received that morning (certainly, a perfect reason to flash his famed grimace).

No worries, though. The unofficial Dunkin’ Donuts sponsor still had a sip of iced coffee (literally a swig as the drink was nearly gone) to cheer him up, hopefully.

Anyways, back to the outfit. Affleck’s latest dad-duty look included a quilted bomber jacket, sweater, chino trousers, and — wait for it — Air Jordan 1 Mids.

Affleck seemingly wore the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Blue Mint” sneakers, which dropped in April this year and are still available at select retailers.

It’s not surprising to see the Blue Mint Mids still hanging in there at retail. There’s probably a lot more where that come from.

A slashed version of the OG Air Jordan 1, the Air Jordan 1 Mid is undoubtedly the ugly stepsister to the AJ1, often receiving unwarranted hate from sneakerheads (we’ll call them Mid-nemies).

Trust me, I understand the preference for the classic high-top look of the Air Jordan 1. But let’s be honest. The AJ1 Mid often receives impressive colorways, sometimes better than the AJ1 drops.

Take Melody Ehsani’s iced-out Mids and Blue the Great’s colorful spin, for instance. I’ll even throw in the Linen and Incredible Hulk schemes for honorable mentions.

Basically, there isn’t anything wrong with Mids and haters are going to hate.

After sporting Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1 Lows and Dior B713 sneakers (the jury is still out on whether Affleck’s a Travis Scott fan), Affleck advances his developing sneaker timeline and the Mid agenda with his latest kicks.

And sadly, somewhere a Mid adversary is probably punching the air right now.

Source: Highsnobiety