Berlin Braves Madden NFL 22 Collection Wins The Custom Jersey Super Bowl

Berlin community sports institution Berlin Braves are joining the Madden universe by releasing an in-game collection for EA Sports Madden NFL 22. Whilst known for their community work in Berlin, bringing positivity, diversity, and vibrancy to the city’s sports scene with their initiatives, clubs, and teams (centered on running and basketball) this is the collective’s first foray into the world of both gaming and American Football.

Safe to say it’s a baptism of fire. By dropping a full apparel collection that can be purchased in limited quantities from the Berlin Braves store and in-game they are bringing their personal flavor to both the street and the football field. And if your wondering about the flavor, it’s tangy, fizzy, fresh, and has a kick. The Berlin Braves not only have their collection in The Yard and as an option to kit out your Ultimate Team roster but also got to have their own custom arena set in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin Braves founder Joey Elgersma describes the collection as representing a new Berlin, “Our designs are the complete opposite of Berlin’s color palette. They evoke everything we do and stand for vibrancy, diversity, love, and a whole lot of flash. Part of the inspiration comes from the iconic Brandenburg Gate, which you’ll see in The Yard. It’s a mixture of old vs. new Berlin. Our Berlin.”

The apparel which is heavy on the tye-dye and features a pretty iconic American Football themed smiley as the sponsor and club badge. The 7 piece capsule collection and visuals around it was put together by the talents of a multinational group including graphic designer Luca Laurenti, from Rome, stylist, Jan Michael Quammie, from New York, tye-dye extraordinaire Stain Shade, from London, illustrator Conrad Javier from Chicago, and photographer Roberto Brundo from Berlin.

Berlin Braves stella work is helping give hundreds fulfill their dreams of not just making it in sport but even getting the chance to compete at all. They hope the collection will “inspire a lot of kids in Germany to take up sports. It doesn’t matter what you do or what sport you’re into. It’s not about being on a winning team or being the expert in your field – anyone can be part of the Berlin Braves and Madden NFL 22 family. You just have to do what you love and keep pushing forward. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. Eventually, people will start to pick up on what you’re doing. Even if they’re on the other side of the world.”

You can access the full Berlin Braves x EA Sports Madden NFL 22 in-game collection now.

Source: Highsnobiety

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