Big Suits Are a Big Mood That Keeps On Giving

It’s only been two weeks since Gen-Z canceled skinny jeans and now we’re delivering another blow to slim-fit advocates — enter the oversized suit.

Currently dominating the red carpet, the latest cosign of the look comes courtesy of Justin Bieber, who turned up to the 64th Annual Grammy Awards last night wearing a grey two-piece with huge proportions, the pants being so wide that they puddled over Balenciaga’s massive platform Crocs rendering them only partially visible.

Pairing the suit with a white vest, pink hat, and black sunglasses, it was a red carpet look that will no doubt be spoken about in years to come.

However, this is only the latest of the singer’s hugely oversized looks, there’s been so many of them that we’ve affectionately created the nickname “baggy Bieber.” From huge pairs of jeans to channeling the Y2K fit king that is Adam Sandler, we’re suspecting that this latest oversized suit moment comes from a similar place of late 20th-century inspiration.

Like the resurgence of Ed Hardy and Moon Boot, Fashion’s Y2K obsession is most likely behind the slew of big suits that are walking red carpets and runways. Back in the 80s and 90s, offices began to get more casual and their attire followed suit (quite literally) with tailoring becoming increasingly baggy. Think about the type you would see in early episodes of Friends or on Miami Vice.

The oversized suit has largely laid to rest since then with Hedi Slimane’s efforts to keep tailoring skinny proving successful. However, fashion will always be cyclical and it’s not just baggy Bieber who has taken the move towards huge suiting recently.

Award show season is in full swing and the already infamous Will Smith slap at the Oscars last week kept our attention away from some noteworthy tailoring moments.

While the event’s red carpet was dominated by the usual sea of black tuxedos, the afterparty hosted by Vanity Fair is when we got to enjoy some (big) fits.

Kid Cudi opted for a brown suit with white sneakers while Donald Glover wore a pastel yellow two-piece with a short sleeve blazer. Uniting both of the looks was their decision to go topless underneath their blazer (joining Timothée Chalamet in his agenda against shirts) and the exaggerated wide cut of their garments. As with the Grammys, the fashion highlight came courtesy of huge oversized suits.

For Glover, it was the second pastel-hued oversized moment of the week, with the multi-faceted artist wearing a similarly big pink suit for the premiere of Atlanta Season three just days before.

Of course, nothing exists in a vacuum, and looking back beyond the past couple of weeks the writing was on the wall for these big suit moments.

Recent fashion collections from the super ironic world of Balenciaga to the height of luxury at Hermès have seen blazers get roomier and pants have the freedom to flow. Even Hedi Slimane, the man who made everyone obsessed with skinny suits back in the mid-00s, included some tailoring for CELINE‘s recent collections that were, by his standards at least, very slouchy fitting.

And it’s not only on the runway, previous red carpets gave us some serious oversized inspiration. Robert Pattinson’s Batman tour delivered a grey oversized suit moment not hugely dissimilar to Bieber’s and, as with all things fashion, you can expect that A$AP Rocky got there first. His pink Loewe tuxedo from 2019 foreshadowed Glover’s recent oversized pink suit look.

The world of tailoring is set for XXL proportions and Bieber’s Grammy look was likely just the tip of the iceberg. Fashion, in general, is enjoying its experimentation with big fitting silhouettes and it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

See our favorite big suits below to get in on the action and stay posted for more oversized tailoring moments.

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