Billionaire Boys Membership EU FW22 is as Clean as Jazz

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Billionaire Boys Club EU has evolved to become a hub, an intersection, at which style and music crossover. Season-to-season, the brand has carefully curated an impressive line-up of European talents, cultivating and spotlighting the region’s freshest excelling artists. With the arrival of FW22’s second drop, Ella Knight takes center stage.

It’s no secret that music runs deeps in the veins of Billionaire Boys Club EU, which reigns from the same creative backdrop and rich landscapes of Pharrell’s ICECREAM. A world heavy in color, steeped in hip-hop culture, and centered on the rumblings of the underground, BBC EU continues to rise in its positioning as a cultural hotspot.

Many a trailblazer has graced the BBC universe, including UK talents Novelist, Sainté, and Sam Wise, while Don Toliver has made several appearances representing the US.

Next in line for the second drop of the brand’s FW22 collection is Ella Knight. Bringing a fusion of R&B, soul, and jazz, the Nottingham-born singer brings a smooth palette of rich sounds to the Billionaire Boys Club EU soundscape.

Drop 2 is as bold as you’d expect – heavily contrasting striped polo shirts, logo-dense hoodies, a hefty rotation of graphic tees and sweatsuit sets, paneled shell pants, Astro logo varsity jackets in seasonal palettes, and two-piece paint-splattered denim jacket and jean sets.

The new selection is available to shop online now, swiftly following the recent release of ICECREAM’s equally extravagant FW22 collection.

Source: Highsnobiety