Bullet Train’s Cast Are Serving Fits, And Brad Pitt’s Skirt Is Only The Start

The promotional red carpets for a film don’t always live up to being the exciting places you would expect. Sure, there are celebrities; but most of the time they are decked out in drab black suits and relatively nondescript gowns while being forced to jet around the world to watch their latest film in new locations.

The cast of Bullet Train, however, decided that wasn’t for them. Not only are they are showing how red carpet dressing should be done, but they also look like they’re actually having fun.


Kicking things off in Paris last weekend, the cast started strong with Brad Pitt in a salmon pink suit, Bryan Tyree Henry wearing a double-breasted purple blazer with matching shorts, and Joey King wearing head-to-toe leathers.

And from there, things have only gotten better. Brad Pitt wearing a skirt with a matching blazer has been the outfit pulling in all the headlines, but the entire cast is serving looks with every stop on the promotional tour. Check out our favorites so far below.

Considering the heatwave that is currently surging through Europe, wearing a full leather outfit in Paris is a pretty big commitment. Joey King managed to pull it off though, and (even if she’s hiding it very well) she doesn’t look as though she is about to melt.

Before we start breaking down this outfit, an obligatory moment of appreciation for Aaron Taylor-Jonson’s locks is needed. But let’s try and take our eyes away from his slicked-back hair for a moment to appreciate this outfit.

We’ve been praising the style from the 70s over at Highsnobiety, and Taylor-Jonson is fighting our case with this knit polo shirt combined with a pair of big sunglasses.

The outfit making all the headlines, Brad Pitt wearing a matching linen skirt and blazer from Haans Nicholas Mott along with a chunky pair of boots.

“Men will be wearing skirts by next summer. That’s my prediction and proclamation,” Pitt told British Vogue back in 2010, and while there is still a lot of work to be done, the actor is only the latest in a long list of advocates for men wearing skirts.

Wearing a suit with sneakers is still a faux-pas for some, but Bryan Tyree Henry will surely be changing the minds of some traditionalists here. While the white Chuck 70s match his white vest, the combination of a sunflower yellow knit shirt and a green suit shouldn’t work on paper, but somehow they fit perfectly together.

Getting the badge in is a way of life for Stone Island fans and director David Leitch is giving a masterclass in how it’s done. Look at how he is casually he is positioning his arm to the side to make sure we get a look at the badge on his new-season Stoney. Someone send this to @badge_is_in on Twitter immediately.

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