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International Women’s Day came and went, and while it’s great to have a day to appreciate the great women in our lives, it never feels enough. Really, every day is Women’s Day, but for those of you looking for a longer designated period, try out Women’s History Month for size. Running the length of March, Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the women that altered the direction of culture and life as a whole. And, if you’re into fashion, it’s a month to pay attention to what StockX is up to.

StockX is usually doing something interesting, so we’d recommend keeping tabs on them all year round, but throughout Women’s History Month, there’s a particularly interesting promo running.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, you will have a chance to win an exclusive ReStockX that will run from Friday, March 11th at 12PM EST to Sunday, March 13th at 12PM EST by bidding $1. There will be 4 winners globally, and each will win one of these prizes: The Jordan 1 Mid SE “Fearless Melody Ehsani”, the Nylon Red Prada Re-Edition 2000 Mini Bag, the Gold Finish Dior Danseuse Etoile Choker Necklace, or the California Fendi x SKIMS Sleeveless Mid Thigh Bodysuit. Participants will only be charged $1 if selected as a winner.

But alongside the ReStockX promotion, there’s a wealth of products that we’ve got our eyes on for Women’s History Month available at StockX. Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of art, apparel, and sneakers dedicated to women ranging from Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Melody Ehsani.

Placing a bid of just $1 in the ReStockX promo running until March 11th will enter you for a chance to win one of the below pieces. That Prada Re-Edition 2000 Mini Bag is looking real good for $1.

Ask a woman sneakerhead what their issues with the world of sneakers are and they’ll ask you where to begin. Brands have traditionally paid so little attention to women’s releases that it’s driven women away from the scene. More and more, though, we’re seeing fire releases in the category. Below are three that prove it’s only up from here.

Shepard Fairey has made some iconic art in his time, using some of history’s biggest names as his subjects. The late, great Ruth Bader Ginsberg takes center stage in the large print which is a signed issue of just 500.

Women’s clothing doesn’t get that much exposure at Highsnobiety or in the world of streetwear as a whole. It’s worth remembering that it’s possible to cop some of streetwear’s most hyped items right now in women’s sizing, too.

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