CENTRESTAGE 2022: Designers to Watch

On September 9th, CENTRESTAGE returns to Hong Kong, this time, committed to celebrating differences and the wonders of artistic expression, as dictated by this year’s theme of Inclusion and Diversity. The three-day event brings together upwards of 240 brands from 15 countries and regions, providing a platform for young and known designers to share the joys of fashion. 

Inside the deep and fascinating pool of talent, some young designers are flipping the script and plumbing new depths of creativity. They simply couldn’t miss a chord or two in our hearts. 


Here are the designers to look out for at this year’s CENTRESTAGE

Victor Chan Studio

Courtesy of Victor Chan Studio

Prestige 40 Under 40 alumni, Victor Chan, has taken the city by storm with his unapologetically glamorous, customised gowns and wedding dresses. “To me, glamour is a unique choice of self-expression for everyone. It gives pleasure to the senses not only on physical appearance but how you carry yourself and present yourself as an individual,” says Chan. He draws his inspiration from the Golden Age of couture – the 1950s – when Charles James and Cristóbal Balenciaga reigned the scene. “I admire the distinctive silhouette lines and the exquisite details of their designs, as well as the unique aura that came through the dresses on women,” Chan says. He tells me his collection at CENTRESTAGE will “celebrate the brand’s aesthetic in black” – we can expect drapes galore, mind-haunting shapes and, of course, tailoring. 


Courtesy of DEMO

Derek Chan and Mite Chan’s DEMO, of course, needs no introduction. The subversive menswear brand pioneers the philosophy of “soft masculinity”, which we will have a chance to witness at CENTRESTAGE ELITES opening gala show. “We do not want to always be bound by the stereotype of men in the society, i.e. men need to be tough, need to be independent, strong, etc,” Derek Chan confesses. Chan finds inspiration in the fashion of the 1950s – Hubert de Givenchy, Coco Chanel and Christian Dior are among his style heroes. Legacy houses aside, he also refers to his business partner and boyfriend, Mite, as his muse, “I always picture how the clothes will look like on him, and he always surprises me with his styling, even when I reckon some items are boring – he has his way to make them alive.”

Charlotte Ng Studio

Courtesy of Charlotte Ng Studio

Charlotte Ng is another promising designer, set to shine her way through CENTRESTAGE this year. Ng’s creations celebrate the work-hard-play-hard dichotomy, emphasising freshness, modern elegance and, naturally, innovation. “For example, the one-piece trousers in the series are made from denim, which matches the elegant codes of the brand, and brings out the image of women’s independence and intellectuality,” she says. Ng encapsulates this year’s diversity-focused message like no other, crediting everyday women as her style heroes, “I am so pleased to see the design on different body shapes in women, they all look stunning and confident.”


Courtesy of NAESRI

Established in 1995, NAESRI designs modern uniforms for women on the go. “The pace of life is accelerating, from family to work, to leisure and social life, everyone is running around in different roles, so the need for cross-occasion and flexible adaptability of clothing is becoming more prominent,” NAESRI’s brand director, Liu Chunling says. The maisons elegant, meticulously calibrated suits present ancient Chinese references through a contemporary lens, like the moon collar, princess waist and goldfish tail elements – each one tastefully incorporated into the streamlined silhouettes that take their wearer from the boardroom to ballroom. Functionality is not just mot du jour but mot du siècle, Liu says, “When we talk about the word ‘function’ it is more about giving the wearer the right kind of beauty – clothes that are fashionable, authentic and comfortable at the same time.”


Date: 9-11 September 2022 (Fri-Sun)

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 1A-C

Fair Date and Opening Hours:

9 September 2022 (Fri)  10:00 am – 7:00 pm

10-11 September 2022 (Sat-Sun)  10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Free Admission: Trade visitors aged 18 or above and public visitors

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Source: Prestige Online