Colbo’s Dog Days of Dressing Effortlessly

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I gave up on wearing clothes the moment that 80°F days became the norm in New York. Amidst the dog days of summer, I’m stuck wearing little more than a tank top and Birkenstocks. I can only aspire to the effortless layering epitomized by Colbo, NYC’s pre-eminent concept store.

It’s sad to say but New York ain’t the shopping mecca it used to be. Was it ever, though?

That’s just to say that when a brilliant multi-brand boutique like Colbo comes around, it really makes founder Tal Silberstein’s painstaking curation of clothing, coffee, and community-driven pop-ups that much more impactful.

Speaking of community, Silberstein and founding team member Eldar Hadad co-star in Colbo’s Summer 2022 editorial alongside photographer Mitch Epstein, writer Susan Bell, chef Nir Sarig, editor Laura Riley, and vintage collector Ryo Shibayama, all wearing pieces from Colbo’s Spring/Summer 2022 selections their way.

Epstein and Bell, for instance, are draped in Hed Mayner and Okane at neighborhood go-to Il Buco Alimentari while Sarig and Riley are lensed in media res as they forage for ingredients for a home-cooked meal in Archie and the genderless designs of Camiel Fortgens.

It’s demonstrative of the easy styling afforded by both the brands Colbo stocks and the in-house collection directed by Silberstein.

Designed for stress-free daily wear, these clothes are cut from organic fibers, produced ethically, and fitted for effortless shapes. Loose, loungey, for life.

See Silberstein and Hadad wearing Connor McKnight and Mayner — for whom Silberstein previously worked — around New York’s lower east side, where Colbo is located. Comfort is key, but not at the cost of good taste.

And Colbo is the definition of good taste. Do I sound biased? Yeah, probably. What can I say? I like nice things.

But one whiff of the hand-dipped incense perpetually burning between Colbo’s sand-hued walls will make you a believer too.

Until then, consider the grainy, intimate snapshots of Colbo’s Summer 2022 editorial a taste of how serenely stylish your life could be. Wish you were here.

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