côte&ciel and DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN Provide a Technical Masterclass

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Just when you thought DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN couldn’t possibly get any better, the Japanese performancewear experts dip back into its bag of tricks to reveal a high-tuned take on its iconic Mizusawa Down Jacket, reengineered in collaboration with côte&ciel.

Where high-performing, top-tier outerwear lines are concerned, few brands can hold a candle to DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN. Its masterful takes on the category have made it a leader not only within the high technicality of the Japanese market but at international level.


The extreme desirability of its pieces speaks for itself; you’d struggle to secure your own if you hesitate, and rightly so, this is quality a step above the rest.

At the peak of its design outputs is the Mizusawa Down Jacket. An iconic piece of outerwear by all merits, this jacket oozes technical prowess, providing complete wind, water, and cold-weather protection. It’s a tough piece of kit to improve beyond palette switches; côte&ciel, however, has managed to do just that.


Coming together for FW22, marking their first collaborative project, Paris meets Japan as côte&ciel and DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN collide for a highly technical design masterclass.

At its core, the collaboration brings about the harmony of two individual products – the Mizusawa Down Jacket and SORMONNE MÉTAMORPHE backpack. These two items integrated seamlessly without sacrificing technical integrity or aesthetics.

Achieving this sees the Mizusawa Down Jacket has been re-engineered to accommodate a one-of-a-kind docking system for côte&ciel’s backpack, offering the wearer utility and function adaptable to their needs.


Function in three states – the backpack can be docked through the jacket’s vents for a hands-free experience, worn as a crossbody tote, or the rear can be left bare to allow the strapping rig to act as a stealth laptop sleeve.

Exclusivity is just as much part of the game as functionality as the collaboration will be limited to a run of only 155 pieces worldwide, available now via select global stockists and côte&ciel.

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