De Beers Unveils Its First Gender-Impartial Jewellery Assortment

De Beers just gave the gender-neutral fashion movement a sparkling endorsement.

On Monday, the diamond company released its first gender-neutral collection of diamond jewelry, dubbed RVL. The assortment includes three rings, two pendants and two bracelets, all designed to stack and style to your personal taste.

The collection’s seven pieces showcase two contrasting materials: Four of the pieces are crafted from 18-karat gold and feature pave-set diamonds. The other three are made from black titanium set against 18-karat rose gold. The white gold pieces include a diamond pendant shaped like an irregular octagon and a bracelet that features diamond lines. The bracelet comes threaded onto a black knotted cord for a “well-traveled vibe,” according to the brand. An RVL signet ring and band complete the quartet.

The three new RVL collection rings. Two crafted from white gold, a third made of black titanium.

De Beers

As a counterpoint to their white gold siblings, the trio of black titanium and rose gold pieces lean into contrast. A pendant, bracelet and ring make up this set, and each features lines formed from depressions in the metal. The resulting grooves are filled with rose gold to offer a striking accent against the brushed titanium surface. In an enigmatic twist, the three pieces each include a hidden diamond next to the concealed letters (on the back or inner band of the items). Only you will know the diamonds are there, giving you the option to reveal them when you see fit. 

De Beers’s monogram helped inspire the collection’s design. The outlines of the “D” and “B” are imprinted onto the line’s metal surfaces, resembling a secret code when viewed from the side. The jeweler notes that the design ethos behind the initials, hidden within the pieces, is a nod to more human dynamic—realizing one’s unique character is not always immediately evident, but revealed over time.

Both pendants from the drop, one featuring pave-set diamonds (top), the other fronting rose-gold lines.

De Beers

“The beauty of this collection is that there is no prescription about who should wear these pieces or how they should be styled; it is entirely up to the wearer,” said De Beers CEO Céline Assimon in a statement. “The designs feature a secret code, but they also reflect striations visible in rocks, which reveal the story of the earth in which our diamonds were formed naturally. De Beers RVL serves to signify both our commitment to design jewelry that allows our clients express who they are and our heritage as pioneers of diamond perfection.”

You can shop the entire RVL collection now over on the De Beers website. Prices for the gender-neutral piecces range from a $950 band ring in black titanium to a $5,900 white-gold pendant. 

Source: Robb Report