Diadora’s New Sneaker Nods to the Brand’s Pedigree Tennis Heritage

With Wimbledon’s Centre Court celebrating its 100th birthday this year, it’s natural that we’ve started thinking about the heritage of the sport. We’re not the only ones, either. Diadora’s latest release, the Diadora B.560, is a homage to decades of tennis style. And, while Centre Court has seen some dramatic sporting events, it’s also seen its fair share of memorable style moments. That’s because tennis is a sport inextricably linked to the world of style, arguably more so than any other sport.

A quick scan of a tennis court and a keen eye will see all the clues it needs to prove this. The immaculate white outfits worn by the players that rely on clean cuts for their sharp silhouette, the tailored suits worn by the officials, or the abundance of Ralph Lauren-branded pieces dotted around the court. It’s a playground for functional style that has long since broken the confines of the court and hit the everyday arena.

Tennis style has found its place in modern-day style through many avenues. Take the likes of Casablanca, for example, whose fictional tennis club is the crux of many of the label’s go-to graphics. Collaborations also play a major role in tennis’ stronghold in fashion. Only recently, cult sportswear giant Reigning Champ teamed up with Prince for a full, on-court capsule collaboration. Most obviously, though, it’s the classics that paved the way for tennis style. Brands of Diadora’s ilk, whose tennis-specific designs have become everyday staples that transcend trends and generations.

Since it was founded in 1948, Diadora has been on a meandering journey through sports. Beginning with hiking boots, the brand first moved into the realm of sportswear during the 1960s. And, while the next two decades were filled with big sporting moves for Diadora, the ’90s would go on to become a pivotal era for the Italian brand.

In terms of tennis, this boiled down to Boris Becker. The champion played his legendary career wearing the 1991 Diadora Boris Becker, a pair of tennis trainers made for a new era of sneaker design. The true proof of the power of this shoe, though, is how on-point it still feels today. The release of the new Diadora B.560 is a trip through the brand’s archives, fixated around Boris Becker’s ‘90s highlight.

The ‘90s-inspired court sneaker is a sublimation of the early ‘90s tennis shoe, adopting various elements of performance models of the era while remixing them to reframe them in an up-to-date lifestyle arena. Defined by clean, essential lines and a constant interplay of references, the Diadora B.560 distils Diadora’s heritage into one design.

While the B.560 uses the original sole unit and last, the new toecap nods to on-trend basketball styles without losing the character of a tennis shoe. The rounded toecap also aligns the previously athletic silhouette with a more modern, casual wardrobe. Italian full-grain white leather forms the upper, retaining the original perforation to the toe. Finished with Diadora’s original stonewash and wax, the material has a distinctive retro aesthetic to match the silhouette. In contrast to the leather’s finish, the unmistakable Vector logo to the sidewall is rendered in grey with a black rim for impact. Finally, the rubber outsole and printed EVA midsole update the OG Duratech 650 sole unit that was favoured by some of the world’s best clay champions.

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Source: Highsnobiety

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