Dip Behind the Scenes of 66ºNorth’s Elemental Expertise for Spring/Summer 2022

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The beauty of outdoor life emanates from 66ºNorth’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection – a collection that sees the brand dig deep into the needs and values of those living at odds with the elements.

Founded in 1926, the now B-Corp approved 66ºNorth was conceptualized and developed not as a want; but as a necessity.

Reigning from Iceland, where summers can be as harsh (if not harsher) as the coldest of British winters, its outerwear expertise has oftentimes been a matter of survival for the fisherman and search and rescue teams of the nation.

This reliance on their craft came hand-in-hand with its focus on high-quality, durable, and performance-driven clothing that can endure and withstand unpredictable, harsh climates.

In the words of Fannar Páll Aðalsteinsson, Head of Marketing: “Iceland’s summers are unpredictable; you can find yourself waiting all season for a break in the clouds to come, so we make clothes that are perfectly versatile for all activities in all weathers.”

Spring/Summer 2022 keeps these values close to heart in a celebration and deeper exploration of the brand’s timeless, core products, and well and introduces two brand new outerwear lines in the Hengill and Gardar jackets.

Each of these new pieces has been designed to bridge the gap between the urban commute and casual activities – think MAAP’s MTA Transit Apparel collection – with suitable weather protection and cross-functionality.

While the Gardar is a women’s only fit, the Hengill crosses both categories. For returning classics, the Skaftafell jacket comes refreshed in “Ripe Red,” “Dim Deep Ocean,” “Lava,” “and Retro Yellow.”

For those desperate to get their hands on some new GORE-TEX that packs a little more punch than nanamica’s dialed back MONOCLE collaboration, the Hornstrandir’s high-tech construction makes it the perfect piece for everything from hiking to tour skiing.

Additional returning favorites include the technical fleecing of the Tindur collection, in which both the vest and long-sleeve options now include “Brown Rose,” “Tree,” and “Black” colorings.

There’s plenty more to be discovered from the 66ºNorth Spring/Summer 2022 collection, which is available to shop online from April 1, while the core collection is available now.

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