East Meets West for the CLOT x Timberland Collection

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Making their collaborative debut in true east meets west style, CLOT & Timberland step into the mix on a mission to deliver a series of products reflective of both of their bests.

We’ve reached a point in collaborative culture, whether that’s in fashion, sneakers, video games, technology, cars, food products, or otherwise, where everybody has teamed up with everybody else. Some are unexpected, many make perfect sense, and if we know anything, there’s plenty more to come.

Often, the surprises don’t lay in who has collaborated yet flown under the radar but who hasn’t. Given their rich, diverse histories and cultural importance, Timberland and CLOT are one such surprise.


Comprising a concise footwear and apparel offering, the debut outing for the pair serves as a welcomed addition to both’s DNA.

A cultural medley of sorts, the collaboration cherry-picks elements of both brands’ backgrounds to form a unified whole. For CLOT, this rests on the symbolism it has applied to Timberland’s pieces. “Dragon motifs have always shown up in our designs. It’s mystical, it demands power, and it’s very representative of Chinese culture,” says CLOT Founder and Creative Director Edison Chen.


From a product standpoint, the collection provides a beautifully remixed take on the classic 3-Eye Lug Handsewn boat shoe, seasonally updated with CLOT’s traditionally colorful dragon motifs. Arriving in everyday palettes of black and brown, the shoes boast a statement with each stride, while being unmistakeably Timberland – complete with quality and comfort.

Bolstering the footwear component is a selection of apparel pieces, including embroidered Duck Canvas workwear pants and a matching Chore Jacket alongside tees and hoodies.

With all bases covered, you’d do well to keep your eyes on Timberland and JUICE from July 20 to shop the full collection.

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