Eyes On Model: 20 Italian Eyewear Manufacturers To Know

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) in Hong Kong is bringing 20 eyewear brands to the city in a showcase of the country’s expertise in design and craftsmanship.

Italy’s extraordinary heritage of history, culture and art stretches down through the millennia. The Mediterranean country is a veritable trove of treasures, from the artefacts of the Etruscan civilisation and Ancient Rome scattered around the peninsula, to the Renaissance art and sculpture of Leonardo and Michelangelo, the sublime music of Vivaldi, Verdi and Puccini, and the ground-breaking work of the great 20th-century film directors, such as Antonioni, Fellini, Pasolini and Visconti. Indeed, so saturated is Italy in culture that, according to Unesco, the country’s historic sites constitute around 60 percent of the world’s artistic assets.

Inevitably, this endless accumulation of art and culture has continued to wield a powerful influence. Recognised around the world, the “Italian touch” that’s so evident in craftsmanship and design – whether in fashion, furniture, cars or eyewear – is further proof of that outstanding heritage.

Take eyewear, for example. The Italians invented the lens in the 14th century and though authorship of the original invention is unclear, Angelo Frescura is often credited as being the first to industrialise eyewear production. After he began manufacturing spectacles in Cadore in the 1870s, many cadorini followed suit and the area of northern Italy soon becoming a cradle of eyewear production. Almost a century-and-a-half later, Italy is the undisputed leader in the eyewear market and dictates global trends.

To celebrate this heritage and the long history of eyewear production, the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) is collaborating with 20 brands in promoting Italian art and design and its influence on the modern luxury sector. Take a look at the line-up at the link below.


Minimalist metal frames make NIK03 great for those who prefer their accessories to be simple and elegant. Gleaming golden touches on the bridge and end pieces create a classy yet stylish look.


Add glamour to any outfit with glasses by Centro Style. A playful pink transparent frame and black finishing touches at the corners perfectly balance enchantment and elegance.

Mad in Italy

The transfusion of colours in the frames by Mad in Italy reveals new hues with every second. Golden temples add an exquisite finishing touch, which contrasts with the rest of the frame.


Lightbird’s simple yet techy design features sharp frame angles and transparent insertions that meld perfectly with the glasses’ monochromatic minimalism – perfect for the office as well as sophisticated tech enthusiasts.


Art and eyewear meet in the contemporary designs of Ellegi glasses. The thick rim balances futurism with the authentic artistry of Italian craftsmanship.

Fede Cheti Eyewear

This Columbus frame in an artistic yellow pattern represents Fede Cheti’s extraordinary ability to interpret reality. Elegant glasses with a classic frame embody the uniqueness and long history of Milanese design.


Made from high-quality organic and environmentally friendly materials, GOOD’s glasses epitomise the beauty of sustainable Italian craftsmanship. The frame’s transparent red base contrasts beautifully with the blue front. Metal details enhance the innovative design and emphasise the futuristic appearance.

Trevi 1971

In a proof of Italian mastery, Trevi 1971 combines elegance and vibrant beauty. A playful floral pattern wrapping the frame harmonises perfectly with the silhouette’s refined minimalism.

Ultra Limited

Representing unique Italian craftsmanship and quality, Rapallo’s colourful designs suit
those who love experimentation. The frames’ shapes and vibrant patterns meld in daring harmony.


Dandy’s neon-blue frame adds a dash of modernity to traditional Italian craftsmanship. The classic square shape with sharp wing-like touches is sleek and eye-catching, adding a great finishing touch to any outfit.


Merging the adventure of Africa with the glamour of the Riviera, L.G.R. glasses evoke the romance of a long-gone era. The lava-like pattern wrapping the black frame and the dark green lenses create a pleasing contrast.


Spectaful’s Cloud model combines a classic silhouette with a minimalistic design – perfect for those looking for versatile eyewear. The plastic and steel construction offers remarkable durability.


VANNI’s High Line immediately astonishes with its bold frame and mesmerising design. A stunning pearl pattern grabs everyone’s attention and makes your presence known.


Inspired by cosmopolitan lifestyle, Coppe-SID presents classic silhouettes with contemporary touches for those looking for elegant everyday eyewear. The exclusive colour combinations of VVI Santa Cruz create a more playful look for those willing to stand out.

TBD Eyewear

Honey-polarised Welt glasses by TBD Eyewear
have a sleek shape with a vibrant frame that contrasts perfectly with the dark green lenses. They’re guaranteed to brighten up any turtleneck outfit this autumn.

Romeo Gigli

Romeo Gigli by LogoProject Design presents unique shapes and colour combinations in mesmerising eyewear that can easily be called works of art. A maroon base perfectly complements the complicated pattern in an extraordinary look that’s guaranteed to stun.

Quoise Eyewear

Shades of pink complement each other beautifully in the sunglasses by Quoise Eyewear, with a wide yet thin rim that’s both lightweight and unique.

Prensil Eyewear

For ardent eyewear collectors, Prensil has introduced the stylish Too glasses, designed with bold curves and reduced thickness, and with the imperceptible weight of just 20 grams.

Coco Song

Merging East with West, Area98’s Coco Song collection is aimed at lovers of attention to detail and fine Italian handiwork. Timeless frames paired with unique colour combinations and distinctive designs make Coco Song glasses a must for a sleek and remarkable look.

ARU Eyewear

In a timeless expression of Italian craftsmanship, Torma by ARU Eyewear fuses versatile colour combinations and shapes together. The colour layering atop the frame creates a hypnotic and eye-catching effect.

Source: Prestige Online