Fergie Flexing Off-White™ & Margiela Is the True “Glamorous” Remix

My 2022 bingo card did not include Fergie dripped out in some of today’s finest fashion bits but I ain’t complaining. Ms. Fergalicious herself stepped out on July 20 wearing a designer outfit that lives up to the promise of “Glamorous,” easily one of the aughts’ best pop songs.

It’s well-timed too. There’s been a bit of a Fergie-ssaince going on these days, what with “Glamorous” being sampled in Jack Harlow’s “First Class” back in April.

The Harlow co-sign brought “Glamorous” back into the Billboard charts, introducing Gen Z to peak Fergie.

Produced to silky smooth perfection by Polow da Don — funnily enough, the Trump-supporting guy behind huge smashes like “Runaway Love”, “Anaconda,” and “Buttons” — “Glamorous” is one of those unsung masterpieces of pop, a massive late naughties hit that hasn’t really made its way back into radio station rotation for no good reason.

In fact, none of Fergie’s major hits, save for “Fergalicious” maybe, are given their due.

Fergie is much more than a former member of the Black Eyed Peas and masterful singer of America’s national anthem — she’s a bonafide pop phenom and, if I’m gonna tip my giant cowboy hat to Jack Harlow for anything, it’ll be for bringing “Glamorous” back into the public consciousness.

Anyways, on July 20, Fergie was snapped on a pizza run with son Axl Jack Duhamel, flexing a Rodarte football jersey, Off-White™ leggings, and, of all things, Maison Margiela x Reebok tabi sneakers.

It’s all so effortlessly bougie and I would expect nothing less of the woman who once rapped that she’s “gotta keep enough lettuce to support her shoe fetish.”

Indeed, Fergie seems to have plenty of lettuce to go around, despite not having put out any new music or starred in any films in over half a decade.


Over on Instagram, she’s dripped out in Rick Owens heels and Fendi sneakers, the latter worn with these same Off-White™ “LEGGINGS,” funnily enough.

Fergie certainly isn’t one of the famous folks I’d expect to be keeping up with these days but, you know what, I’m happy that I am.

She looks pretty content, flush with fancy new clothes, and she even has a pizza. I wish I could relate!

Source: Highsnobiety

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