Ferragamo Introduces Its First-Ever NFT Collection

Ferragamo has partnered with Shxpir for its first-ever NFT collaboration, developing a custom sneaker hologram program that features a limited-edition capsule that will be housed in Ferragamo’s new concept store in the heart of Soho. The beloved Italian fashion brand opened its doors earlier this summer to invite visitors to immerse themselves into Ferragamo’s one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Ferragamo and the multidisciplinary studio, DE-YAN, identified the Ferragamo Soho Concept Store as the ideal location for this step into Web3 due to Soho’s youthful spirit, as mentioned by North America CEO Daniella Vitale. “Soho’s cobblestone streets have long symbolized a distinctly youthful spirit. As a brand, we thrive on the inherent energy of New York’s downtown culture, so it’s a natural home for us. In this sense, our new store represents a unique opportunity to cultivate a space where people can come together, spend time, hang out, and, hopefully, experience something new,” Vitale explains.

Bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2, the multi-sensory NFT installation is an avant-garde approach to fashion in its entirety while featuring a limited-edition capsule. The contemporary collection was conceptualized by DE-YAN and is the first-ever endeavor between the brand and audiences.

Destabilizing the historical structure of art, Ferragamo and Shxpir NFT will allow visitors an opportunity to mint their unique artwork — limited to 256 individual NFTs — and on the market-leading, secured Ethereum blockchain via the NFT marketplace, Opensea. All minting fees have been covered beforehand by Ferragamo. Without a doubt, these NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, will represent a significant step into the future for the luxury brand. The innovative experience will also house a spectacular mirrored installation where guests can choose one of the Shxpir-designed backdrops as a high-spec black magic camera takes their photo.

Ferragamo Introduces Its First-Ever NFT Collection With A New Concept Store In Soho

Guiding those who have never stepped into Web3, DE-YAN’s founder Dejan Jovanovic highlights, “Shxpir is the perfect collaborative partner for a project of this nature as he is true pioneer of the digital art scene. His work is defined by a commitment to craftsmanship, like Salvatore’s. Even more, Shxpir reflects a future-forward approach to art and luxury — an ethos integral to both the brand and the new Soho store itself.”

Ferragamo and Shxpir’s capsule collection will feature a t-shirt and a sweatshirt — both painted with an exclusive graphic print — and the proceeds will be donated directly to the Center, one of the oldest and leading LGBTQ+ organizations in New York City.

In addition to the ground-breaking NFT collection and limited-edition capsule, Ferragamo’s Soho Concept store will launch a custom hologram sneaker program that allows guests the rare opportunity to design a completely personalized version of the brand’s unisex silhouette, the 6R3ENE. Through various details and colors, the DE-YAN partnership will first project the holographic version of the customized shoe onto a six-foot-tall-booth and, upon payment – $1150 – will be shipped to the customer’s desired location in an estimated ten weeks.
All around, Ferragamo’s partnership with DE-YAN and guidance by Shxpir breaks through the barriers of fashion by presenting the audience with a futuristic experience advancing the brand into Web3.

From NFTs to supporting Pride to personalized sneakers, the Soho Concept Store shakes the very nature of fashion. The concept store is located at 63 Greene Street, New York.

Source: Haute Living

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