For Tiger of Sweden, It’s About More Than Just The Garments

There’s that well-known phrase, ‘many hands make light work’, but many hands also make beautiful garments with a real story behind them. For Tiger of Sweden, it’s never just been about designing great clothes. Creating a synergy between its archetypal techniques, tradition, and the essence of craftsmanship, the brand unveils its FW22 collection that takes us on an intimate sartorial journey behind the scenes with the cast of makers that bring it all together.

The Arts and Crafts movement plays a pivotal role in the storyline of this collection, with the materials and artisans taking center stage. As most of us know, it takes an army of creatives and many hands to bring a piece to life, let alone a whole collection, and recognizing genuine craftsmanship means celebrating the people who actually make the products. Tiger of Sweden is here to honor that this London Fashion Week by actually placing these individuals and the work they do at the forefront of the campaign.

With an overarching focus on the ‘cast of makers’ behind the collection, the designs merge Tiger of Sweden’s rich tailoring heritage with the narratives of arts and crafts celebrating the process, materials, and humanity behind the collection.

Focusing on what we tend to glance over and the little details that bring everything together, the pieces are technical with some of the dresses, suits, and gilets appearing almost inside-out, underpinning an unwavering appreciation of artisanship and craft.

Continuing with its use of Swedish wool, Tiger of Sweden partners with local wool spinning mill Östergötlands Ullspinneri and Hemslöjden, with a non-profit organization focusing on crafts. Spotlighting its affinity for knitwear, the FW22 collection sees the brand showcase seamless knitting in both the menswear and womenswear pieces, using luxury Swedish wool and recycled cashmere. The knitwear pieces come finished with pleats and crochets while still managing to have a functional hard-wearing finish for durability in the colder months.

Keeping in the vein of traditional craft, the collection’s textures and aesthetics mix woven patterns reminiscent of cross-stitching with twisted floral wallpaper prints and melted polka dots to add a bit of zing to your casual rotation.

When it comes to accessories, Tiger of Sweden turns to its love of form and design. The unisex shopper bag offers practicality and can be worn in two different ways, either against the body or as a more oversized holdall, including woven strips inspired by Swedish architect and furniture designer Bruno Mathsson’s iconic lounge chair. The wallets, too are dramatically oversized to become bags, finished with a natural patina and Italian leather, ideal to age well over time.

No Tiger of Sweden collection would be complete without nods towards its Swedish origins, and the FW22 footwear offerings encapsulate just that. Cowboy boots and wooden clogs are reimagined with embellished detailing, and as an ode to the Swedish Nabbstovel boot, we see the womenswear beak-shaped boot bring together traditional techniques with a bit of history and heritage.

The FW22 collection and its campaigns further the brand’s quest for innovation by working with authentic artisans and workers in its supply chain. On top of its partnership with the Swedish wool mill, Tiger of Sweden goes one step further this year with a collaboration that sheds light on the brand’s forward-thinking identity. Graphic designer and object maker, Lilit Asiryan, was brought on board to add a new angle to the campaign in the form of one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces. Renowned for reveling in the every day, Asiryan creates unique artifacts designed with a functional purpose — something she has in common with Tiger of Sweden’s ethos.

With a combined appreciation for artisanship and sourcing locally, this collaboration is a natural fit for this collection and further celebrates the people and processes behind these skilled crafts that we so often take for granted.  Asiryan ended up making individual ceramics for the Tiger of Sweden showrooms and a unique cufflink to be worn with some of the garments.

The Fall-Winter Collection will be available at the end of July. Shop Tiger of Sweden here.

Source: Highsnobiety

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