Gentle Monster x Coperni Will Speed Up Your Aesthetic, Not Your WiFi

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Big, bold, and full of attitude – that’s the new dictionary definition of sunglasses, at least where the Gentle Monster x Coperni collection is concerned.

Once upon a time, my only exposure to a variation of sunglasses was traipsing through airport terminals en route to a family vacation, burning away minutes in the departures terminal throwing on every pair of Ray-Bans and Oakley performance frames insight. Sure, there was the odd Prada or Tom Ford; the every-person standard shapes that failed to offer all that much attitude.

Back then, the future of eyewear screamed (commercial pairs of) Google Glass, then came those questionable Snapchat glasses. Though lacking the offer of pics on the fly or a quick browse on the move, Gentle Monster’s avant-garde approach to design feels like the pinnacle of futuristic eyewear has been achieved – through aesthetic, not tech.

With a whole host of collaborations under its belt, including World of Warcraft, GM has successfully shaken up the eyewear game.

Its latest collaboration takes inspiration from 5G technology, each pair within the collection features radical lines made to convey connection and speed. If that wasn’t evident through the construction, the five lines across the temple (though a little on the nose) make it pretty clear.

Within the collection, you’ll find the 90s-inspired 5G BOLD, which looks exactly as its name would suggest, while the 5G offers a set that’s a little less drastic, but equally as impactful.

Gentle Monster x Coperni is available to shop online and in-store via both brands now.

Source: Highsnobiety

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