Global luxury fashion brand, GFASHION, has been gaining attention for its unique and fashion-forward designs. The brand produces cutting-edge styles that are made entirely in Italy using sourced raw materials. GFASHION aims to showcase the work of several acclaimed designers and artisans through their capsule collections and make high-end fashion more accessible.

Their clothing is available to shop on the company website which serves as a virtual showroom, offering three-dimensional photographs of each design. GFASHION has a broad line of products ranging from ready-to-wear and denim all the way to jewelry and accessories. They also provide plenty of information about the designers for users to understand more about the brand. GFASHION’s available selection of styles is constantly evolving as they work with new talent each season to test the boundaries of their creative ability as a brand and bring individuality into fashion. Currently, the brand offers capsule collections that branch off into four subdivisions: The Cure, Buddha, Mandelli for GFASHION, and Attolini for GFASHION.

Each category offers something slightly different, for example, the “Buddha” collection offers more free-flowing styles that integrate fashion and comfort while working with a unique color palette. On the other hand, “The Cure” collection features some boxy designs, exclusively in black and white, that can be worn by any gender.

Given their innovative methods for growth, GFASHION hopes to distinguish itself as one of the top global fashion retailers in the near future. For now, the brand continues to serve as the fashion counterpart of GCLUBS; members of GCLUBS members receive exclusive access to fashion drops, music, and more.