Goldwin 0 Is One for the GORE-TEX Heads

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Goldwin is one of the most underrated outerwear brands around. Often overshadowed by the plethora of other labels making delicious waterproof garments, the Japanese label continues to remain relatively under the radar – which is a good thing, you know.

In the GORE-TEX-obsessed world we currently live in, a brand’s sudden rise in popularity can often be its downfall (I’m naming no names): but when it comes to Goldwin and it quietly going about its business, things are calm.

That being said, Goldwin is booming in a subtle way, if there is such a thing. A sort of, IYKYK situation, something its experimental platform for connectivity and collaboration – Goldwin 0 – is about to undergo itself.

Designed as a model for a “harmonious confluence of creativity,” Goldwin 0 is an ever-evolving project that sits at the intersection of design, innovation and art – whilst at the same time, striking a harmonious balance with nature.

In-keeping with this ethos, its Fall/Winter 2022 collection – titled “Enquiry 2” – is another step towards a congenial and cohesive relationship between the wearer and their natural surroundings – plus a tonne of GORE-TEX.

Sustainable at its core, the collection boasts a duality that allows each garment to exist both on and off-peak. Highlights include a utilitarian shell jacket – made of recycled GORE-TEX – which is a nod to Goldwin’s ski origins, as well as a packable parka that expands to transform into a backpack.

The accompanying film – captured by OK-RM – is an exploration of the body, space, sound, and motion, all moving and responding in relation to each other, and features music from London-based artist Mansur Brown.

While both Goldwin (and Goldwin 0) unquestionably deserve more accolades when it comes to their collections, maybe let’s just keep it between us for now. Okay?

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