Goldwin Looks to Achieve “Harmonization” with Spring/Summer 2022

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In a bid to achieve “Harmonization” between humans and nature, Goldwin bundles eco-friendly and sustainable materials across three categories to deliver an extensive Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

Facing the elements head-on, knowing while you’re equipt to adapt to the needs of any situation is priceless – it feels good, and being able to execute while keeping a strong aesthetic, feels even better. This happy medium is where Goldwin operates; the design and development of sleek, high-performing, functional, yet simplistic apparel lines.

The ability to combat nature, to face off against the elements, requires an understanding of how the body and natural world respond to one another – how they work in harmony.

Although interwoven throughout seasonal collections, SS22 sees Goldwin pay this balancing act particular attention through a desire to create a limited impact on the world without sacrificing its garment’s functional performance capabilities.

This approach is broken down into three distinct categories – Outdoor, Lifestyle, and Athletic – each of which has been approached with the same eye for innovation and sustainability but realized and refined with varying silhouettes.

For Outdoor, outerwear’s focus is kept strongly on state-of-the-art textiles such as PERTEX SHIELDAIR and ECOPET (a polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles), both of which offer high levels of weather protection.

Where the Lifestyle drop is concerned, alpine performance meets everyday apparel, creating packable, hard-wearing jackets colored with a series of natural dyes. Where function is concerned, expect GORE-TEX and CORDURA.

The final of the three, Athletic, puts a heavy focus on technical finishes, offering up apparel suited to hit the streets, trail, gym, and beyond. Lightweight is prioritized within the drop, ensuring any elemental protective finishes don’t come at the cost of motion execution.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – ready up to tackle the elements with Goldwin’s Spring/Summer 2022 collections, which (except Athletic, which drops in March) are available to shop online now.

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