Graff: A Promise of Everlasting Love

When it comes to bridal jewellery, no one does it quite like Graff.

No proposal – or wedding thereafter – is complete without an engagement ring and wedding bands. The ring was traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, where ancient Romans believed that the ‘vena amoris’, a vein that ran through it led directly to the heart, was located.

Graff, home to some of the finest diamonds and jewels in the world, takes this token of love very seriously and has given new meaning to this beautiful custom by presenting seven exclusive engagement ring settings. Each of the seven settings is inspired by the legendary diamonds that have passed through the House and represents founder Laurence Graff’s passion for diamonds: the Promise, Flame, Icon, Constellation, Paragon and Legacy settings all pay tribute to the House’s history-making diamonds, while the Laurence Graff Signature setting reflects the diamantaire’s devotion for the stones he works with.

Graff Bridal jewellery
Graff Bridal campaign

Anyone who has ever come across a Graff diamond knows about the Graff difference. Two generations of the Graff family are in the diamond business, and to this day, preside over every stage of a diamond’s journey with one mission in mind – seeking out diamonds of distinction, the very best stones only, that will speak to the heart for eternity.

Every step of the way – from the diamond selection to the impeccable cut, to the one-of-a-kind settings and the masterful craftsmanship – are all undertaken by Graff’s artisans. It takes many years for these dedicated experts to hone their ability to enhance and complement the innate beauty of the stone and give the jewels the Graff signature.

As you choose your perfect Graff ring, you already know you have a cherished heirloom in your hands. Be it a Promise Round Diamond Engagement Ring flanked by pear-shaped side stones, or an Icon Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with a glittering diamond pavé halo and band, each and every ring is crafted to the highest standards and embodies the House’s values.

For wedding bands, the Spiral collection is the choice for today’s modern couples. The spiral design is playful and sculptural and showcases diamonds and gold in an endless entanglement – much like how love should be, no? The design pushes the boundaries of technical innovation, yet further proof of the company’s prowess at delivering unparalleled stones and unique designs.

Spiral wedding bands
Spiral wedding bands

For the more classic couples, you can’t go wrong with the Laurence Graff Signature collection. The band’s graphic facets are inspired by the founder’s love for myriad facets of a diamond and are a true signature of the house, rendered in variations in white, yellow and rose gold, with or without diamonds.

Laurence Graff Signature wedding bands
Laurence Graff Signature wedding bands

Capture your everlasting love and mark your new chapter with Graff. Discover its bridal selection here.

Source: Prestige Online

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