GRAFFABULOUS: Graff’s Greatest Coming Together of Rare Gemstones

Graff’s GRAFFABULOUS campaign is the greatest coming together of rare gemstones ever seen in a single high-jewellery collection.

High jewellery collections are often created around themes, riffing on heritage motifs that speak to the brand’s DNA, where gemstones and diamonds are meticulously selected for their radiance and beauty to fit into the chosen concept. But there comes the rare occasion when the beauty of the gemstones is so great that no superfluous themes are necessary. The extraordinary stones themselves lead the design of each jewellery piece and dictate the look and feel of the collection. Such is the case for Graff’s latest high-jewellery collection, which sees the greatest gathering of gemstones ever seen in an assemblage of its kind.

Presenting a treasure trove of the rarest and most precious gemstones and diamonds, GRAFFABULOUS offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to venture into the very heart of Graff’s legacy. The collection holds together an unprecedented 3,600 carats of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires, which are transformed into 80 one-of-a-kind pieces of high jewellery, each creation beginning with the stone and capturing its power to bewitch the beholder.

The collection features some of the most audacious jewellery ever created by Graff – the House’s craftsmen definitely did not hold back on creativity and skill when they designed the pieces. Undoubtedly they were captivated by the magic of the gemstones themselves, an incredible selection of Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds that includes a 38.13-carat emerald-cut yellow diamond set on a white diamond bracelet, a 17.08-carat oval-cut yellow diamond ring and a 36.24-carat cushion-cut yellow diamond ring.

Graff Tribal Collection Multi-shape Yellow and White Diamond Sun + Moon Necklace
Graff Tribal Collection Multi-shape Yellow and White Diamond Sun + Moon Necklace

Necklaces are found in abundance in the collection, beautifully designed to capture an almost ripple-like effect in the way the gemstones flow from one stone to the other. “As designers, we listen to the songs the stones are singing, focusing on the music and the rhythm,” says Anne-Eva Geffroy, Graff’s director of design. “Like the ripples that emanate outwards when a stone is dropped in water, the tempo increases as the jewels graduate in size until they reach a crescendo: a central motif where the full force of these natural gemstones is concentrated.”

Of course, motifs dear to Graff haven’t been forgotten: in this collection, contemporary themes from the Tribal collection are dissected and expanded upon to introduce custom-cut diamonds that ravish in their radiance and three-dimensionality.

Qun Ye, Aya Jones and Grace Elizabeth front Graff's latest campaign
Qun Ye, Aya Jones and Grace Elizabeth front Graff’s latest campaign

Capturing the beauty of the GRAFFABULOUS collection is none other than rising star photographer Carlijn Jacobs. The brand’s largest to date, the campaign portrays renowned models Grace Elizabeth, Aya Jones and Qun Ye, who are depicted as Greek deities, heavenly queens who channel unparalleled beauty and might that’s matched only by the high jewellery itself.

You can discover Graff’s collection here.

Source: Prestige Online

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