Graff’s Butterfly Assortment, An Embodiment of On a regular basis Luxurious

Butterflies, long a symbol of femininity, good fortune and transformations for the better, have always inspired Graff. And for the House, this fluttery motif with all its tidings of luck should be worn close to heart not just for fanciful occasions, but for the everyday.

Any mention of Graff in casual conversation will elicit, all at once, daydreams of grandiose soirées outfitted in satin, in lace, in the rarest parures of jewels; in grand gestures of love and devotion, best represented, of course, with a diamond worthy of Laurence Graff’s legend. Yes, undoubtedly, there’s a time and rarefied place for the glistening appearance of carat-strong heavyweights, but, in the same breath, isn’t every passing day worthy of — however momentarily fleeting it may be — a soupçon of beauty? 

Graff’s Butterfly collection, which includes sub-collections entitled Butterfly Silhouette, Pavé Butterfly and Classic Butterfly, crystallises this everyday-luxury sentiment into designs meant to adorn while you’re dressed to the nines — and while you’re simply dressed for the minutiae of life itself.

Styling Graff’s Butterfly Collection For Everyday

Butterfly Silhouette

Slivers of skin, whether peeking through a flattering cut-out at the waistline or in emergence behind glistening rows of pavé stones — as per Graff’s Butterfly Silhouette modus operandi, which traces outlines of the butterfly motif with round diamonds and pavé clusters — attest to designs insistent on being playful. And what’s more playful than matching a triptych of Butterfly Silhouette rings to your favourite worn-in indigo blues and a bold, bold manicure?

Pavé Butterfly

Pavé Butterfly, rather, fills in Butterfly Silhouette’s outlines with a stunning smattering of hand-set pavé white, yellow or pink diamonds that all converge upon a marquise white diamond in flights of one or three; butterflies in-flight, then at rest, on necklaces, earrings and rings. No longer anchored on negative space, Pavé Butterfly amps up the sparkle for a feminine flourish adamant on catching the light of every reflective surface which, in contrast, wears beautifully with soft, gauzy fabrics. Bring on the chiffon tea-dresses and silken slip frocks for an OOTD that’s deliciously romantic.

Classic Butterfly

Captured, seemingly, mid-flight, Classic Butterfly spotlights the perfect symmetry of the creature’s gossamer wings with each segment represented by pear shape and marquise diamonds. In contrast to Butterfly Silhouette and Pavé Butterfly’s clustering of gems, Classic Butterfly tenders towards cuts of stones a little larger, a little more insistent on statement-defining. So, a consummate choice for embellishing strong-shouldered boardroom suiting.

The Butterfly collection is forged in the shape of a symbol in deference to beauty as ephemeral as youth; as a fleeting kiss; as a split second, now, made immortal in metal and stone. “With a joyful and carefree innocence, the Butterfly collection is infused with an uplifting energy that captures the whimsical charm of a butterfly as it flits elegantly through the air upon fluttering wings,” says Anne-Eva Geffroy, Graff’s design director.

So, uplifting energy. A whimsical charm. These are all things we should aspire to not just for occasions few and far between, but for each passing moment of everyday. And what better reminder than a Graff Butterfly, gleaming and radiant, worn so very close to your body everyday, at all times?

Mix and match your very own collection of Graff Butterfly pieces here

Source: Prestige Online

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