Grandpacore Has Always Been Here, It’s Called Dressing Well

It’s easy to see the cyclical nature of style. Take a look at any trend-forecasting page and have a real think about whether any of what you’re seeing is actually new. Probably not. One of the longest-lasting styles that has been climbing the ranks of menswear again in recent years is what has been dubbed grandpacore, but what we generally think of simply as classic men’s style.

The crux of the matter is that your grandpa probably dressed better than you and, in recent years, contemporary style has really taken notice of this fact. From the rise of loafers and mohair cardigans to a closer focus on thrifted pieces and vintage style in general, we’ve been passing on big logos and bold details for classic, hard-wearing, trend-proof pieces instead.

If you haven’t, then it might be time to consider bringing a new (old) angle to your wardrobe. With the help of Urban Outfitters, we’ve rounded up some of the best classic pieces to get started.

Cut from textured cotton terry, this short-sleeved button-down proves one of grandpacore’s founding elements: you don’t need bold detailing to make a difference.

Okay, it’s unlikely that your grandpops is knocking around in a pair of New Balance 57/40s, but grandpacore isn’t about directly copying him. You can experiment within the bounds of possibility and New Balance’s understated silhouettes are ideal for that.

Your grandparents probably had this neutral, waving design on their wallpaper back in the day. It translates perfectly onto this sweater vest — a staple of classic style that has made a major comeback.

Heritage labels like Dickies have dressed generations of men and haven’t changed their formula along the way.

Somewhere between the polo shirt and the wool sweater, you’ll find the golden treasure trove of polo sweaters. Sport this open over a clean white tee or vest for big Sopranos energy.

Cut from hard-wearing cotton canvas with a warm lining, this Work Jacket from BDG buys into a history of time-proven workwear style.

With age comes wisdom about things like plants. We also just love a tee that looks like it could have been found in the midst of an unorganized thrift rail.

Translating grandpacore into a summer wardrobe is definitely a challenge but this pair of corduroy shorts is a lesson in how to perfect it.

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