Gremlins, Large Luggage & Condom Gloves: Our Favourite Equipment From Trend Month

And breatheeeeeeee, for fashion month is finally over.

Spanning across four weeks, two continents, and what seems like two million Bella Hadid runway looks, we’ve eventually made it out the other side, physically (albeit not mentally) unscathed.

It’s no hot take to say it’s been a pretty wild one. The wildest one in memory, maybe. It almost seemed as if there were more viral moments happening than there were, well, non-viral ones.

Whether it was Coperni’s bewildering spray-on dress, actual Cher closing Balmain, Balenciaga’s mud pit, or the frankly absurd YEEZY Season 9 show, London, New York, Paris, and Milan each had its own say on proceedings, giving us almost no time to relax.

That being said, amidst the chaos, actual collections were presented, too. Groundbreaking. While the apparel and footwear ticked a few boxes and was met with one of those lacklustre post-show round of applause, it was the plethora of eye-catching accessories that struck a chord with us.

Bags were not just bags, and gloves certainly not generic, for things were taken to extremes whichever city it was in. And, in name of sharing, the Highsnobiety team has penned some of its favorites from across the month, for you to enjoy, cop, or laugh at. The choice is yours.

Givenchy Eyewear

“Givenchy’s sunglasses caught my attention last season because they looked straight out of Shark Boy & Lava Girl. They were great fun. Shoot me for more of the same, but they’re got my attention again; although, they’re not nearly as comical this time. Big, bold, and red-lensed – that’s a triple threat that’s hard to beat on a pair of sunnies.” – Sam Cole, Style Writer

Bottega’s Massive Shoulder Bag

“The only thing better than Bottega Veneta’s intrecciato-woven leather handbags is its giant shoulder bag, rendering the precious material in XL scale.” – Jake Silbert, News Editor

Gucci Gremlins

“Normalize carrying stuffed animals as accessories. Especially when the stuffed animal in question is Gizmo the Gremlin outfitted in a Gucci harness.” – Alex Pauly, Style Writer

Prada Triangle x 2

“What’s better than Prada‘s triangle logo in bag form? Prada’s triangle logo in a double bag. Don’t know what that means? Just look at the beauty pictured above. Thanks in advance Prada, for making me broke this spring.” – YJ Lee, Senior Editor

Condom Gloves

“I’m still absolutely obsessed with Botter’s condom gloves. Sure, not the most efficient of accessories, but definitely the most therapeutic.” – Tayler Willson, Style Writer

Balenci’s Teddy Bags


it still smelled like mud from the show the day before 🫶😭 @balenciaga

♬ original sound – ojccccc

“It’s no secret I adore Demna’s Balenciaga, and this season, when the teddy bear bags hit the runway I instantly knew they’d be one of the standout pieces for me. I know that they tell a bigger story, but to be honest, I really just like them because it’s a teddy bear bag” – Tora Northman, TikTok Manager

Source: Highsnobiety

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