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Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show was marked by a fresh assortment of Alessandro Michele’s retro-chic ready-to-wear, future-classic bags, and a riotously clever runway presentation that cannily hid identical twin models until a last-minute reveal.

Between all of the vivacious eye candy, you’d be forgiven for missing the secret gem of Gucci SS23: Gizmo the mogwai.

Yes, the adorable star of Joe Dante’s landmark Gremlins took the runway alongside the twinning models, hidden inside Gucci’s accessories or clutched alone.

Forget “Gucci Gang” — this season, Michele went full Gucci Gremlin.


Gucci just blew our mind by putting only twins on the runway 🤯 Titled “Twinsburg,” the show divided unknowing guests into two separate rooms where they watched the same show — until a screen was removed and it was revealed that the models were all twins, and two shows had been going on simultaneously. For the finale, the twins all walked down the runway holding hands, celebrating the show as well as Alessandro’s own “twin mothers.” ✨⚡️🤯 #snobtok #highsnobiety #gucci

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If you haven’t seen Gremlins or its sequel — supposedly, a third Gremlins film is currently in development — you may not understand why Gizmo figured so prominently, yet so subtly, throughout the Gucci show. Indeed, why is Gucci so Gremlins-obsessed for Spring/Summer 2023?

There’s no clear answer in the accompanying show notes but, if I were to posit an answer, I’d say that it’s twofold. On one hand, there’s the twinning nature of Gucci’s “Twinsburg” show, reflected in the transformations undergone by mogwai that get wet.

On the other hand, there’s Michele’s longstanding fascination with film as a medium of dreamlike divination.

No other form of expression can so nattily thread the needle between reality and fiction, at least in Michele’s eyes, and thus Gucci’s recent movie obsession.

It ties into Gucci’s wistful romanticism, kitschy nostalgia, and winking semi-irony. Gucci doesn’t often go as direct as fellow Kering-owned luxury house Balenciaga but, when it does, it goes hard.


Gizmo hive 🫡 We got a closer look at @gucci’s SS23 collection featuring the famous ‘Gremlins’ protagonist, and got up close and personal with some of the pieces 👀😺 #snobtok #highsnobiety #mfw #gucci #gremlins

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The Gremlins collection doesn’t actually include any characters other than Gizmo and, even then, it only focuses on his cutesy normal form, which makes sense.

Much easier to slot a loveable, chubby-cheeked little fella into Gucci’s beatific vision than fanged drunkards.

So, what’s actually on tap for IRL Gucci gremlins? Gizmo-shaped jewelry, printed dresses, and Guccified plushes are all on hand, the latter seemingly designed with a Gucci harness that allows the owner to secure their furry friend within an open-mouthed Gucci bag.

Like the mogwai themselves, you can be sure that you won’t wanna get these pricey trinkets wet.

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