Here’s Your Checklist for a Long Day in the Sun

Summer’s incoming, people. It might seem early but it’s time to start preparing. Summer done well is the greatest season of the year, but a summer that doesn’t hit the mark feels like the worst season because of all of the missed opportunities. So, with the help of Urban Outfitters, we’re doing a chunk of your preparation for you.

Days in the sun, like summer itself, can be the best thing ever when done properly but can be a nightmare if you’re unprepared. Sunburn is always a bad look (and really bad for you), and so is not being able to supply your friends with chilled beverages. So, by the way, are sweaty feet, bad sunglasses, and a lack of storage space.

But don’t worry, that’s all sorted below in our checklist for a day in the sun. Sandals, sunnies, shorts, shirts, sunscreen, and satisfyingly spacious sacks are all below.

Oakley’s sunglasses have had a real resurgence in recent years. The big ’90s and ’00s styling is perfect for the moment and the Eye Jacket Redux Sunglasses are a nice alternative to the ultra-rare (ultra-expensive) second-hand pairs.

Your headwear is one of the most important parts of your checklist for a day in the sun. It can protect you and be an integral part of your look at the same time.

One of the most searched terms at this time of the year is how to get The Talented Mr. Ripley style. It’s understandable — Jude Law’s effortless preppy style is great for a day in the park and this crochet polo epitomizes it.

Say no to hot legs. This pair of cargo shorts is a good friend to have when the heat’s up and you’re out and about.

A successful day in the sun requires quite a lot of gear. You don’t want to be draped in rugs, towels, and more. Just stuff them all into this carefree tote.

You’re going to be fully hands-free if we’ve got anything to do with it. This bottle bag is a reminder that hydration is key to a good day in the sun.

Merrell’s Hydro Moc is riding the wave of rubber sandals right now. While others look to crack the luxury market, this pair from Merrell is all about utility.

Luckily, part of Merrell’s utilitarian value comes in its ability to get wet. These swim shorts are the perfect partner if you’re planning on impromptu dips.

While you’ve already got space for big pieces in your tote bag and your bottle around your neck, keep your valuable safe in a crossbody pouch from Taikon.

If you only take one thing from this roundup, make sure it’s the sunscreen. This SPF 45 cream should be all over your body this summer.

Be the most popular person in the group this summer. Easy.

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