How to Wear All-Leather-Everything in 2022

Call it the latest iteration of the Yeezy/Donda effect or the release of both new Batman and Matrix movies, but it’s hard to ignore that moody, gritty, dystopian style is back in a big way. While we’ve explored this fertile aesthetic ground before, previous pivots in this direction have led to technical fabrics, articulated arms, and extra pockets.

At the center of this latest movement towards post-apocalyptic steez on both celebs and runways alike is black leather — a fabric and color combo that communicates durability, sexuality, and (sorry to kill the vibe) death. (To be fair, a few notable labels have turned to vegan “leather” options for those looking for a more sustainable way at it.)

Whether it’s classic leather staples like shoes, bags, and jackets that now boast fresh takes or more unexpected items like shirts, pants, and beyond, there’s no denying some world-ending-ready leather is the quickest way to shift up the vibes right now.

Below are some of the coolest and often unexpected ways to get leather garments into your wardrobe, whether you’re a fashion-obsessed doomsday prepper or just looking to embrace your dark side.

Source: Highsnobiety